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About Us

Established by its founder and manager Murat Aydın in 2007, our head office is in The Ritz Carlton Istanbul. We have 42 offices and many third party offices located throughout Turkey. We are a subsidiary of Istanbul Investments, covering the Real Estate market and providing consultancy in all around Turkey for foreigners. Our top cities include Istanbul, İzmir, and Muğla, with 1964, 1266, and 1222 properties respectively available for purchase. You can find guides to many of the cities we work in on our website. You can filter out the price ranges and property sizes to your wish. If you already own a property in Turkey, we can help you find its next owners. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have from the numbers available at the corners of the page, or write to us through the “Contact Us” button. You can follow us on Social Media to stay up to date on the latest property news and register on our newsletter. We offer full guidance on how to get Turkish citizenship through property purchase.

Our Mission & Vision

Our goal
starts with our mission in willing;The world is in a constant changing motion. To continue our business over the next decade and beyond, we must keep our head up. We must understand the market thoroughly, our position in it, and the forces that will affect us in the future. We will work hard to move away rapidly from any trouble with minimum repercussions. To us, Turkey has proven to be the most promising country to invest in around the globe.
We must get ready for tomorrow today. 

  • To create high profitable opportunities for our clients,
  • To establish strong relationships for an outstanding network of investors with a mutual interest of Turkey
  • To create value and make a difference in our sector,
  • To leave our clients satisfied,
  • To make even more significant investments in the future with our clients.

Our vision is the backbone of our path. We hope it will guide us to achieve

high quality and sustainable growth in the investment market.

  • People: Be an exceptional place to work where people are inspired to be the best version of themselves to achieve their targets
  • Planet: Be responsible to the environment and support the developing communities.
  • Portfolio: Create highly profitable investments that leave our international clients satisfied by introducing every opportunity Turkey has to offer.
  • Production; Be a fast-moving but impactful corporation.
  • We must maximize long-term return to our clients while thinking of our responsibilities.

We believe that getting high-quality consultancy in the fast-growing real estate market of Turkey is a necessity. We know that a sustainable relationship is required with a business to be reliable.

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We are ready to support you with our expert team for all your questions