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10 Fun Activities to do in Hisarönü

image7Hisarönü is one of the most beautiful yet secluded places in the most western Mediterranean part of Turkey. Hisarönü is actually a village of spectacular Fethiye district and is located 55 kilometers away from Dalaman Airport. Hisarönü and its surrounding areas are known for their top-tier sandy beaches, sky-clear seas, great hotels, gorgeous natural and historical attractions so there are plenty of things you can enjoy while you are in Hisarönü

Bath in the Beautiful Sun of Ölüdenizimage9 

Ölüdeniz is a great place to soak up the sun with its sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea. The beach is much more popular than it used to be but still a great place to enjoy the sun.

Party on the Vibrant Hisarönü District


Hisarönü is full of top-notch local and international restaurants, pubs, and bars that offer an amazing night to its visitors with their delicious food and drinks. You can also enjoy Hisarönü by day with many good cafes.

Take a Trekking Trip to the Countrysideimage11Hisarönü and its surrounding places are full of fascinating trekking routes. As you walk around the countryside you will encounter many spectacular sceneries of the sea and nature all around.

Discover Kayaköy Ghost Village


Kayaköy Ghost Village used to be a vibrant Greek city that is now in ruins including an abandoned church, school, and many houses. Kayaköy was abandoned by its people during the population exchange in 1923 and Turkish people did not settle in afterward, leaving the town to decay. It is recommended for you to explore the city in the morning to avoid crowds and enjoy its sceneries in more convenient weather conditions since the village is located on a hill.

Shop from Local Fethiye Marketimage2

Fethiye market is an open-air bazaar where you can find plenty of fresh fruits, seafood, vegetables, and textile products. Vendors are incredibly genuine and you can bargain with them.

Visit Fethiye King Tomb


Fethiye King Tomb, also called Tomb of Amyntas, is located 10 kilometers north of Hisarönü district. Fethiye King Tomb is a fascinating ancient tomb to visit since it is carved on a mountain with all its might.

Raise Your Adrenaline Levels in Hisarönüimage4

You can pump up your adrenaline levels in Hisarönü by paragliding. You can jump off from Babadağ Mountain which is 2000 meters high to enjoy spectacular sceneries of the Mediterranean in an exciting way.

Hop on a Boat to Enjoy Mediterranean Sea


Calm shores of the Mediterranean Sea offer an incredibly relaxing way to enjoy your day. It is possible for you to rent a boat with a captain or by yourself to admire the sunset or sunrise on the sea. You can also participate in a 12-island tour and learn about each islands’ peculiar stories.

Wander Around Fethiye Old Townimage6

Fethiye is the nearest town to Hisarönü and is full of historical landmarks and natural beauties. The district is more popular and known than Hisarönü with plenty of shops, beaches, and restaurants.

Camp on the Babadağ Mountain


Babadağ Mountain is the highest mountain peak near Hisarönü and is full of amazing natural sceneries. You can camp around the mountain to enjoy these sceneries in more pleasant temperatures.

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