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5 Best Things To Do With Family in Fethiye

One of the 13 districts of Muğla, Fethiye carries the weather of Izmir, with the coves of Bodrum. The district is famous for historical sites such as the Tomb of Amyntas, Ancient City of Letoon, and a natural tower created in the sea called Af Kulesi, where divers frequent for adventure. The district is known for its top-tier sandy beaches, sky-clear seas, great hotels, gorgeous natural and historical attractions so there are plenty of things you can enjoy while you are visiting.

mugla-sliderSwim in an award-winning sea

Fethiye’s leading source of revenue is the beaches of Ölüdeniz. Winner of the “Most Beautiful Beach of the World” Title in 2006, Ölüdeniz is one of the calmest and clearest waters in the world.Ölüdeniz is a great place to soak up the sun with its sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea. The beach is much more popular than it used to be but still a great place to enjoy the sun.

A World-Class Kitchen

Aegean culinary is influenced by both western and eastern countries around the region. Renowned Aegean cuisine is delicious with its unique kitchen traditions with high-quality ingredients. The region is the origin place of the rice wrapped on wine leaves, called “Dolma.” Olive oil is a big part of the Aegean kitchen, as olives originated from the sea region. There are top-notch local and international restaurants in Fethiye that serve fresh authentic recipes. During your visit, you will be able to enjoy a historical food on the land of an ancient civilization.

Shop from the Local Farmers Market

Fethiye market is an open-air bazaar where you can find plenty of fresh fruits, seafood, vegetables, and textile products. Vendors are incredibly genuine and you can bargain with them.


Visit Fethiye's Ancient Tomb of the King

Fethiye King Tomb, also called Tomb of Amyntas, is located 10 kilometers north of Hisarönü district. Fethiye King Tomb is a fascinating ancient tomb to visit since it is carved on a mountain with all its might.

Take a Boat Trip Through Coves

Muğla province is known for its coves both nationally and internationally. There are so many of them hidden away from all the loud city life of Izmir, that it would be a shame if you finished your visit to Fethiye before you took a boat ride to explore some of them. The coves are usually left alone from the crowded beaches and instead, you may see a few yachts sharing the same cove. It is also possible to find ones that are untouched, surrounded by long-forgotten ancient history.

There are not many places in the world that has numerous ancient sites, remarkable natural attractions, top-tier outdoor activities, and gorgeous shores like the southwestern part of Turkey. Fethiye is located at the center of all these unique attractions and adds its own spectacular sceneries to the mix through a promise of a quiet village life. 

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