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5 Most Popular Beaches In Alanya To Visit

Alanya, a bustling coastal resort of Turkey, has a hard-core army of fans who flock there every year for relaxing and happy holidays. The district offers delicious Mediterranean food, a lively nightlife scene, and plenty of things to do but a sunny climate and gorgeous beaches are the biggest lures. Alanya is the home of ancient pirates, and Byzantine army. This small town's up to 3500 person capacity facilities makes Alanya’s beaches a must-see location. The district is in Antalya's southeastern coastline. It is a popular tourist destination for making it possible to take a swim near historical places left by Byzantines and ancient pirates.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra beach is located in the biggest town of Antalya, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world. The name of the beach comes from a story. It is known that the famous Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, and her lover the Roman Emperor Mark Anthony enjoyed their time together on this beach and the emperor gifted the beach to Cleopatra. It is also known that the sands on the beach had been imported from the deserts of Egypt by Cleopatra. This beach is the most famous public beach with a blue flag status in Alanya. A blue flag means that the beach and the sea are clean and safe. Cleopatra beach indeed is a well-organized, safe and clean beach with many lifeguards, bars, and cafes.

Damlataş Beach

Damlataş Beach is within a 10-minute walk from the beautiful Damlataş Caves. It is a unique location for being one of the few beaches in Turkey that is wheelchair friendly. Continuing the broad availability of facilities and amenities as offered by Kleopatra’s beach, you can also dive in the bay, snorkel along the coastline, or enjoy paragliding and watch the sunset from above. You can also simply take a walk through the green parks with fountains along the beach or cool off in Damlataş Caves.

Portakal Beach

Portakal Beach is a 1 km-long public beach with clear blue waters, located just 10 minutes of drive east of the city center. It’s less crowded than some of Alanya’s more popular beaches, which means you can peacefully enjoy a seascape with the Taurus mountain on the background.

You will find a wide range of water sports, including jet skiing and windsurfing. Food courts, restaurants, and standard beach facilities are available, and you can rent shades. Even during the off-season months of October and November, the seawater remains pleasantly warm for a swim. The entrance to the sea can be rocky, so put on your sea shoes before wading into the water.


Incekum Beach

The 1-kilometer Incekum beach is the likely location for people who wish to have more privacy, as the beautiful beachline is around 25 km away from the city center of Alanya, closer to Antalya. Its wavy but shallow sea makes it an ideal place for families with children.

Tosmur Beach

This beach is the most popular one with tourists who choose to stay in the city center during their holiday. Tosmur Beach is where the nearby Dimcay River and the Mediterranean Sea meet. The mixture created from the two different sources is the coldest but also the cleanest waters you’ll ever swim in Turkey. Since it is still in the vicinity of Alanya, you will get to find plenty of public amenities.

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