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6 Best Locations with a Beach in Turkey

1) Urla, As a coastal district of Izmir, it is another highly historical town. Nowadays, the beaches alone are enough to draw global attraction in the summer season. Urla is a rather quiet town compared to other parts of Izmir. The villas here are an excellent opportunity for those who like to have peaceful and quiet days.

2) Marmaris, As the coastal city right by the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, Marmaris is a highly visited location for sailing fanatics who visit the coves in the region. Marmaris is home to plenty of luxury hotels that welcome millions of tourists every year. It is chosen for its warm weather all year round, especially during early summer. When you do visit it, be sure to take a yachting trip, either to visit the uncharted beaches or to experience the beauty of Marmaris’ Coves.

Ancient Beaches; Due to its geographical location, Marmaris has always been a populated area. A beach named after Cleopatra has a known legend that says the Queen had swam on this beach created by the sands brought from North Egypt shores. 

Coves; Bozburun half-island, Boncuk, Sedir, and more. The city contains countless nameless bays in its borders for swimming, or tying up your boat and enjoy the sunset on the horizon. The water in Marmaris is so clean that you can see the bottom of the sea up to 10 meters down. 

3) Bodrum, Home to a castle that carries the district’s name, Bodrum is a developed town that benefits from the history and sea tourism, as well as the alive nightlife. Bodrum nowadays is a great escape spot for those who wish to have their villas in a more secluded setting. Swimming should be the number one priority for you once you are settled in your home or your hotel room. Millions of tourists choose Bodrum specifically for the opportunity to swim right in the middle of such a complex history. 

Fethiye, One of the 13 districts of Muğla, Fethiye carries the weather of Izmir, with the coves of Bodrum. The district is famous for historical sites such as the Tomb of Amyntas, Ancient City of Letoon, and a natural tower created in the sea called Af Kulesi, where divers frequent for adventure. Fethiye’s leading source of revenue is the beaches of Ölüdeniz. Winner of the “Most Beautiful Beach of the World” Title in 2006, Ölüdeniz is one of the calmest and clearest waters in the world.

Alanya, Home of ancient pirates, and Byzantine army, this small town's up to 3500 person capacity facilities makes Alanya’s beaches a must-see location. It is possible to take a swim near historical places left by Byzantines and ancient pirates.

4) Didim

Altınkum Beach; Meaning “Golden Sand”, this blue flagged beach is one of the clearest to swim in all Turkey. Its quite shallow and long waters make a perfect spot for water sports, as well as the enjoyments for families.

Akbük Cove; As the deserted cove of the province, Akbük inhabits an emerald-colored rock formations under the sea. Its short distance to the district makes this cove a must-see location.

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