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A Look at Turkey's Healthcare Industry

As Coronavirus lockdowns stayed in effect of the summer of 2020, the Turkish tourism industry was among those that suffered. Despite putting a halt to its million-dollar industry, and slowly deleting the country name from global leaderboards, Turkey is not ready to quit entirely. Its healthcare system and private facilities continue to treat patients without a stop.

In 2006 Universal Health Insurance was introduced to cover all citizens.

The number of doctors for 100,000 people increased from 176 in 2013 to 181 in 2015 with a target of 200 in 2023.

Healthcare has been a top priority for the Turkish government which is committed to increasing access to healthcare services for all citizens.

Government policies to increase access to healthcare services; heavy investment into healthcare infrastructure (building dozens of city hospitals across Turkey).

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Is Turkey Viable for Getting a Surgery Done?
Several factors determine the cost of an operation. These may be; Experience level of your doctor, the facilities, the country of your surgery, as well as medical costs. If you live in a western country such as Europe, or North America that uses a highly valued currency, it can be difficult to find affordable, yet top of their class professional for a procedure.

You should not settle for less than a skillful doctor for a surgery that may affect the rest of your life. Many other countries in the developing world will offer the same level of world-class doctors while costing much less than their western colleagues’ work. That is why Turkey should be high on your list for healthcare.

For Example, Turkey is among the top five most competitive countries in the world to get rhinoplasty done. In Turkey, you can get rhinoplasty surgery three times cheaper than in Europe, and up to 7 times cheaper than you would get in the US. For example, a Nose Job in Turkey costs between 2 to $4000, while costing up to $6000 in South Korea, up to $9000 in Spain, and between 14 to $18000 in Switzerland. While Greece, the neighboring country, sets $4200 as its most competitive surgery option. In Turkey, their price will often include an All-Inclusive service such as Hotel Accommodations, Language Assistance, and Airport Transfers. This applies to many of the operations concluded in private hospitals.

The cost of a total Nose Job procedure is such a vast difference from the rest of the world that, you might also get to have a perfect recovery period over the warm beaches in Turkey, while sipping an ice-cold drink. This country is located between Asia and Europe is one of the few countries that will fly you from all over the world through their most professional airline; Turkish Airlines.

Başakşehir district of Istanbul is home to a massive government-run hospital facility. There are also 23 other medical clinics supported by the Turkish government, along with a large number of private hospitals. The government has recently begun to create a city of health in Başakşehir. They are modeling it to be the largest of its kind in all of Europe, especially with 8 specific hospitals that have the capacity of up to 3 thousand beds and equipped with the latest medical devices. Since Başakşehir is about to be a fundamental medical destination, the district is designing the largest city center in Istanbul.

For the latest coronavirus statistics about Turkey, please refer to the Turkish Ministry of Health's Official website:

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