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Accommodation In Turkey: Information About Residence Permit In Turkey

A residence permit is a permit that is issued to foreigners who want to stay in Turkey. If you plan to stay in Turkey longer than 180 days, the maximum days allowed on a Turkish visa, you will have to get a residence permit. A valid work permit, within the framework of the law, is considered as a residence permit, which means that the work permit holder is entitled to stay in Turkey without a residence permit within the period of the work permit. You can apply for both permits at the nearest consulate in your country or the Turkish embassy.

People who live in Turkey permanently or more than 6 months per year are considered residents. Being a Resident Permit holder is also a great first step to apply for Permanent Residency in Turkey. After having a residence permit, the person must stay in Turkey for eight years regularly to be able to apply for a permanent residence permit. Some conditions must be followed during this period.

A Permanent Citizen can have the benefits of most of a Turkish citizen, while they must keep a clean record during their stay for a chance at Turkish citizenship. A Permanent Residence Permit holder can not vote in elections until they become a Turkish Citizen.

Resident permit holders are still the citizen of another country. So every time they travel to or out of Turkey, they must carry their national passport with them, as well as their Turkish permit. There are different types of residence permits in Turkey and the law can change in small details. However, there are common things you need to do and if you follow the conditions well it is easy to have a residence permit in Turkey.


Required Documents for Residence Permit Applications

Residence Permit Application Form (must be signed by the foreigner and/or his/her legal representative) 

Passport or original and photocopy of passport substitute document valid at least for 6 months 

Four (4) pcs photos (must have been taken within the last 6 months, against a white background and biometric)

Photocopies of previous residence permit documents (Submission of originals, if any) 

Original of e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document which shows that no social support is received during the last three years

Approved and e-signed/signed document which states that financial capacity is to be provided sufficiently and regularly throughout the stay

Criminal records can be obtained from foreigner's country authorities and/or Turkish judicial authorities. 

Document which shows that the foreigner is registered in Address registration System (document to be obtained from provincial/district registry offices)

Valid health insurance  (Insurance period must cover the intended residence permit duration)

How to Apply for the Turkish Residence Permit?

Residence permit applications are done only directly through the Directorate General of Migration Management's local offices or their online system. For the first applications and applications for transfer, candidates need to fill the online form and get an appointment from the nearest office through the “Central Appointment System”. After filling the online form, the system automatically displays the address of the nearest DGMM office and the list of the required documents, it calculates the application plus the card fee. Through this step, you will choose from dates and times for the appointment. Applicants can legally reside in Turkey with the application form until the interview time.

You must also note that having an appointment does not grant any right to enter or exit Turkey. Once the application is submitted on the interview date and after having signed and stamped the Residence Permit Application Document, foreigners may exit and re-enter Turkey within 15 days.

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