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Ayran - Turkey's Refreshing Summer Drink

ayran You may think that tea is the national drink of Turkey, yet "Ayran" is the real Turkish national drink. The first time it is found, Gokturks, one of the biggest Turkish empires on Asia, wanted to make yogurt less sour so they added water to yogurt and this way Ayran born. Since the day it is invented, Ayran became favorite refreshments of Turks.

Besides the refreshing feeling of it, Ayran has also many benefits to health, and thanks to its benefits, Ayran become pretty popular in western countries. Now, it is one of the most popular summer drinks in Turkey and around the world. 

First of all, Ayran is good for digestion thanks to the mixture of yogurt and water. As you know, yogurt is a pro-biotic food and one of the healthiest dairy products, thus it is good for the digestion system. Dilution of it with water and salt balances your blood pressure level while it is refreshing your digestion system with the good bacteria that it has. Ayran also is rich in protein and calcium, so it is good for the health of bones and teeth.

It is accepted that the best Ayran is made in Susurluk, one of the western towns of Balikesir. There are two reasons why the Susurluk Ayran stands-out among all the Ayran. First is the method used for making the Ayran with the high-pressured pipes to mix yogurt with water and salt. These pipes make the top of the mixture frothy and keep its taste fresh. The real Susurluk Ayran is so good that the frothy part stays on the cup until you finish the Ayran. If you wait five minutes before you drink Susurluk Ayran, and if the frothy part disappears, then it is not the real Susurluk Ayran.

Another famous Ayran is called "yayık Ayran" which is mixed in a butter churn. This type of Ayran is made by filtering the butter after a long mixture of yogurt and butter. You can find yayık Ayran in many places in Turkey.

Ayran is easy to make. Especially in the summer season, it is one of the best refreshments thanks to its benefits to your health. You need only yogurt, water, salt, and some ice if you would like to. You can arrange the consistency as you like by adding more or less water to yogurt. After you put the salt and ice, shake it around half a minute and Ayran is ready. You can also add fresh mint if you like. Enjoy!

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