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Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Citizenship Benefits

Turkey is more affordable than any developed nation to live in. Except for some areas, the cost of living and housing is inexpensive compared to the countries around the region. Even though the provincial differences might impact the cost of living, the average expenses for transport, rent, daily expenses, and goods are lower than in Europe, for example. Additionally, the cost of housing, options that range from apartment flats and villas are available at more reasonable rates.

The relatively low cost of living in Turkey with the availability of the necessities of a good life, and advanced living systems, provides the perfect environmental opportunity to live in. Medicine in Turkey is more competitive than all European countries, which has given the health sector in Turkey unique success and demand in recent years.

You will be holding the world’s 40th Best Passport with a mobility score of 121! With a Turkish Passport, you can visa-free travel to 115 countries, including 26 Schengen Zone ones.

Your passport can be valid and renewable up to 10 Years.

Dual-Citizenship is allowed. You can still live in and hold the passport of your home country.

A Turkish citizen has Universal Health Care for life as well as their whole family.

Free primary school up to Highschool education and a chance for free University access through nationwide exams.

Turkish finance system cares about privacy.

No military service is required to receive Turkish citizenship.

You do not need to change your name for citizenship.

A rich history in every corner. Turkey is founded on multiple ancient civilizations of the world.


Tax benefits in Turkey include a series of decisions that specifically dealt with the real estate sector in the country, which played an active and positive role in motivating the foreign investor to acquire more real estate. This move has benefited the most important sector and contributed to the revival of the real estate market in general. These rules exempt the foreigner from the value-added tax on the property.

There is no wealth tax in Turkey, your income tax rates will be between %15 to %35 if you earn more than 110.000 TRY in a year. If you are earning interest on an investment, that income tax will be between %0 to %18 percent, depending on your investment method.

Real Estate

The modern infrastructure projects in Istanbul, in particular, have raised their neighborhoods and municipalities to world-class levels, and perhaps the most prominent of them is the Kadıköy and Beyoğlu districts, which are characterized by their unique location and a comprehensive renaissance. These areas and more will offer you plenty of investment options for the easiest way to earn your citizenship, and make a profit in the process; a $250.000 property investment. In the real estate investments, whether by buying an apartment in Turkey, or by purchasing villas or shops, and even in the fields of industry and agriculture, real estate investment in Turkey is the best way to expand work in it and benefit from the advantages of buying a property in the country.

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