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Best Beaches in Turkey to Spend your Summer Vacation At

Turkey has so many beautiful bays and beaches, marvelous mountains, calm and green forests, and quality tourism facilities. Affordable prices for accommodation, food and fun in a wide range of touristic destinations make Turkey one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. If you are planning to visit Turkey in the summer, you might want to look at the beautiful beaches in the country.

Cleopatra Beach, Alanya


Cleopatra beach is located in the biggest town of Antalya, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world. The name of the beach comes from a story. It is known that the famous Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, and her lover the Roman Emperor Mark Anthony enjoyed their time together on this beach and the emperor gifted the beach to Cleopatra. It is also known that the sands on the beach had been imported from the deserts of Egypt by Cleopatra. This beach is the most famous public beach with a blue flag status in Alanya. A blue flag means that the beach and the sea are clean and safe. Cleopatra beach indeed is a well-organized, safe and clean beach with many lifeguards, bars, and cafes.

Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan


Iztuzu beach is located in Dalyan, a small town of Mugla. This beach is also known as turtle beach because it is a nesting area of sea turtles called Caretta Caretta. Due to its importance in terms of nature, there are not many facilities and you need to go on a small trip from Dalyan to reach there. This beach is the endpoint of a unique delta that is connected to the biggest lake of Mugla, therefore the area has a unique nature that is under protection. It is forbidden to go on the beach at night and to use parasols during the day. It is a perfect beach to enjoy the most preserved corner of nature.

Patara Beach, Fethiye


Patara is another natural beauty in the south of Turkey, with an 11 km sandy coast. Patara beach is located in a small village called Gelemi in Fethiye. The name of the beach comes from the ancient city called Patara, which is behind the dunes of the beach. The beach and the surrounding area is under protection because it is also a nesting area of sea turtles like Iztuzu beach. There are some facilities which are open in the summer season. Patara beach is only a mile away from Gelemi village and is perfect if you looking for a small summer trip full of natural views.

Blue Lagoon, Fethiye - Ölüdeniz


Blue Lagoon, also known as with its local name Ölüdeniz, is one of the best beaches in the mediterian sea. This long sandy beach is located in a holiday town of Fethiye called Ölüdeniz. There are many resorts in the town and many facilities, including paragliding schools along the beach. Ölüdeniz stretched out on the foothill of the mountain called Babadag, where you can paraglide by the paragliding facilities on the beach. You can capture so many great views and enjoy a beautiful blue sea on the golden sands.

Cirali/Olympos Antalya


Cirali beach is located on the foothill of the Taurus mountains of Antalya. The area is known with the burning volcanic rocks also called the eternal flame Chimera. The beach is surrounded by the magnificent beauties of nature. There are so many ancient ruins around if you’d like to visit. It is a bit hippie place for all these reasons but also perfect for getting away from all the stress of city life.

Kabak Beach, Fethiye


Kabak beach is located half an hour car drive away from Ölüdeniz. It is one of the most popular area in Fethiye and the beach stretches under a great valley full of pine forests. On the valley and under it, there are many small pensions and camping areas. Behind the beach, there are some restaurants and cafes where you can have breakfast or a drink in front of a great view of the sea. Kabak beach is so alive in the summer seasons and you can catch some musical events behind the beach.

Kaputas Beach, Kalkan


Kaputas beach is located on the road between Fethiye and Antalya, in Kalkan town. It is impossible to take your eyes away from its beautiful turquoise color sea when you see it on your journey. Because of its location, Kaputas beach is so popular among locals and the tourists from abroad. There are two ways to go to the beach; You can stop on the road and go down from the hill by the steps, or you can take a boat trip takes off from Kalkan which goes to Kaputas. Either of them are great fun.

Konyaaltı Beach, Antalya


Konyaalti Beach is the biggest and the most famous public beach in Antalya and it is 7 km long sandy beach stretches in front of many hotels, shops, restaurants, beach clubs and malls in the city. You will be amazed by the view of snowy Taurus Mountains that you will see from Konyaalti Beach. It is interbedded with the city and so easy to reach.

Butterfly Valley, Fethiye


Butterfly Valley, is one of the most unique natural beauty you can find in Turkey. Every spring, thousands of different species of butterflies emerging from their cocoon and bring a magnificent scenery. It is located in Fethiye, between Ölüdeniz and Kabak. You need to do hiking down from the hill to reach the beach. You can catch so many beautiful views by hiking down.

Altınkum Beach, Çeşme - Izmir


Altınkum beach is located in Çeşme, Izmir province. Altınkum means golden sand in Turkish and as you can guess, the name comes from its sand shining like gold under the sunlight. The beach stretches along the cordon full of restaurants, cafes and similar facilities. You can find sunbed and parasols on the beach. It is a perfect location to enjoy sea and a sandy beach while you are having a drink or reading a book.

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