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Best Price Apartments and Villas For Sale In Turkey

Turkey offers various alternatives to non-nationals who intend to make an investment and remain in the county. A property buyer guide will help you know the most lucrative place to stay and set up a business or invest in real estate. The most famous place to reside in Turkey for non-nationals includes Istanbul, Mediterranean coast cities, and Aegean. Even though many business owners love to invest and live in Istanbul, non-nationals who intend to live and make property investment in many peaceful towns like Didim, Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris. Additionally, many people have bought properties in Bodrum. When a foreigner buys properties, the chances of being a Turkish citizen is secured.

You could potentially buy a $250.000 property in Turkey to secure your Turkish citizenship, then rent out the property for the 3-year no-sell duration to get the double of your purchase, or live in the villa or apartment yourself with your family to experience the unique Turkish lifestyle through your local communities.

Prices of Apartments and Villas in Turkey


For being the most populated city of the region, Istanbul carries both the title of most affordable and most luxurious apartments in all Turkey. If Istanbul is the city you wish to live. Be it by yourself, with your spouse, or your whole family with children, the city has a lot to offer. While you want an apartment to fulfill the 250.000 USD requirement for the Turkish Citizenship, Maltepe district's Prince Island view apartments are the ones you are looking for. In Maltepe, there is a beautiful 3+1 apartment for sale for the price of 263.300 USD. In this 165m2 apartment building, you will get to wake up to the smell of the Marmara Sea on your private terrace and have the Prince Islands on your sight forever.

If you rather prefer to live in Prince Islands itself, on your private mansion, a 3+1 with 2 bathrooms villa at 160m2 size awaits you for 354.300 USD.


Those who wish to live in the city center, but still want to have a view of Bosphorus as well as the famous brides, can find a 4+1 apartment in Beşiktaş for the price of 426.900 USD. In this 235m2 giant house, at the top of an apartment building, you can be right next to the business center of the region while waking up to the unique view of the asian continent at the edges of Europe. In this residence, you will be right in the middle of the action in Istanbul, where you can reach anywhere in the city through many transportation methods available right in front of your apartment, including ferries that connect to the edges of the city.

Those who put their privacy first, can find the right villa in Sarıyer district. A massive 6+2 mansion is built on a 550m2, and it comes with its private garden area. While the villa is priced at 1.693.300 USD, It comes with building security, a private pool, and a great community.


Those who wish to spend their lives under the sun away from the troubles of city life, will find gorgeous apartments by the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. While these regions are known for their private properties like Villas and summer houses, apartments are slowly becoming more and more common closer to the downtown districts. An ancient city founded by the Aegean Sea, Izmir is full of rich history, and an up and coming infrastructure in Turkey. It endured the conflicts of Turkey’s Independence War in 1922, as well as being founded by the Trojans of 3000 B.C. Izmir is a highly touristic location as well as a city full of villas for private space. You will experience a warm summer throughout the year, and the beaches most of the year. The city now competes with Istanbul and Ankara in popularity, and its touristic attraction alone is enough to keep the province interesting for decades. The city offers plenty of comfortable luxury houses with a large number of rooms in competitive pricing with those that range between 3+1 to 7+4 range.


Izmir’s most luxurious villa is located in Urla and starts from 1.181.000 USD. This mansion is a 9+3 with the size of a magnificent 1000 m2. The private villa comes with a terrace and garden, as well as your own pool.

In the province’s most historical district, Çeşme, there is a 3+1 private villa in a community ready for you to move-in! This 135m2 beauty offers comfort for your whole family under the sun with it’s private pool. If you wish to hit the required amount for citizenship with a single, and luxurious purchase, the price for it starts from 259.700 USD.


A 3+2 apartment on sale for 350.000 USD in the ancient, historical, yet highly alive city of Bodrum will offer you the privacy you seek by bringing the Aegean Sea right by your feet. This unit is 150m2 and comes with its own terrace, as well as Air Conditioning for that hot summer weeks.


Another 3+2 apartment is available in Marmaris on similar sizes, yet for sale at the 124.000 USD price tag. This residential unit offers a life in a tight-knit community and a private pool for the apartment building. The project is in a secluded area where you will be able to live among nature in the modern city of Marmaris.

Those who seek a smaller option in Bodrum with a more affordable price can find an 85m2 apartment building with a 2+1 setup. This luxurious apartment building offers a magnificent view of the Bodrum's Aegean coasts, as well as some of the historical locations at the comfort of your house. This location is on sale for 167.700 USD.


As a coastal city of Marmara region, Yalova has always worked on improving its sea transportations. The country’s official public boat travel carries both cars and passengers, as well as cargo between two sides of Marmara Sea. The province’s closeness to the Osmangazi Bridge, which connects the regions by highways makes Yalova an incredible location for easy investments. The city is booming with local restaurants and hotels to accommodate travelers who move around the country.

yalova villa

Those who wish to live away from the crowded Istanbul, yet stay close to the city for business and investment purposes, can still findd many luxurious and private properties in Yalova. One of these private villas is a 4+1 mansion built on 250m2. While the price for it starts from 441.100 USD, this villa offers complete relaxation through the private garden where you can raise your own vegetables and trees.

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