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Buy Property in Turkey if You Want To Stay!

Turkey has plenty to offer for anyone planning to reside in the country. Turkey has numerous attractions that make it the best place to live and work, especially in the city center. For instance, Istanbul's state-of-the-art infrastructure, the straightforward procedure of getting residence and work permits, and the low cost of living. Additionally, with the TL currency rate and the benefits of acquiring Turkish citizenship buy an investment, you won’t regret moving to Turkey if you have saved money in Euro or USD. Here are some of the things to consider before moving to Turkey.

The relatively low cost of living in Turkey with the availability of the necessities of a good life, and advanced living systems, provides a good opportunity for residence in Turkey. Medicine in Turkey is cheaper than all European countries, which has given the health sector in Turkey unparalleled prosperity and demand in recent years.

Turkey has a charming nature, and unparalleled appeal around the world, and a relatively mild climate, next to a civilization and a long history that showcases the wonderful cities of Turkey. Istanbul alone was ranked eight among the most visited cities in the world in Insider's 2019 list, passing Tokyo, Seoul, ​​Mecca, and Barcelona. Antalya was number 10 on the same list with 12.4 million visitors.

Turkey offers various alternatives to non-nationals who intend to make an investment and remain in the county. A property buyer guide will help you know the most lucrative place to stay and set up a business or invest in real estate. The most famous place to reside in Turkey for non-nationals includes Istanbul, Mediterranean coast cities, and Aegean. Even though many business owners love to invest and live in Istanbul, non-nationals who intend to live and make property investment in many peaceful towns like Didim, Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris. Additionally, many people have bought properties in Bodrum. When a foreigner buys properties, the chances of being a Turkish citizen increases.

Why Real Estate in Turkey?

Real estate is the most powerful way and the most prominent factor to strengthen the link between the investor and the Turkish labor market. Commercial real estate creates a new additional resource, as all investors wish to have multiple sources of income, in addition to buying a property in Turkey, and staying in it makes the investor pursue his affairs and opportunities. Similarly, the fact that the property helps secure regular residence in an important country like Turkey, through the laws in force and effect.

The Turkish real estate market is distinguished by its vitality, and the regulatory laws that have promoted buying and selling tools. Its mechanisms have been set by controls that have played a positive role in developing this sector. The government has done well in marketing its properties through its laws that have provided many advantages for those who wish to own a property in Turkey.

Through a recent change in the Turkis Nationality law, an amendment came into effect. This decision grants citizenship to anyone who buys a real estate valued at $250,000 came an exceptional opportunity that does not hide its importance, and this decision included citizens of most of the countries of the world. The amendments include all members of the family of the new owner, their spouses, and children under the age of 18.

Based on the attractive power of tourism in Turkey, real estate investment in Turkey provides a profitable return on the property. This boost is most apparent in tourist periods and seasons, through the demand for rental homes, summer houses, holiday houses, apartments, and villas distributed throughout the year. The investment studied in real estate, which is highly sought after during the tourism season in Turkey, can provide an encouraging profit, and a good return on investment.

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