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Farming Properties in Turkey

For those who wish to diversify the return on their investments, placing their capital on several properties is the optimum choice. Other than houses, shops, and general buildable lands, farm areas are an amazing opportunity to secure a lifetime profits. As a country that lives through the four seasons in seven different regions, Turkey is always the top choice of investors from all around the globe. But just how much does it cost to own a farmland in Turkey? We will give you examples of fields while answering the main question.`

As the cheese made of various livestock milk is quite famous on breakfast tables, these animals are in a never-ending demand. Although the demand of their meats usually reach their peak during the sacrificial holiday seasons, the four-legged livestock animals are generally raised all around the country for their never-ending supply of milk. 

Turkey is number 6 in the world in the olive cultivation. As it produces the equivalent of 5% of global production, it is one of the countries with a favorable climate nature.

Cotton is the main product among the various crops, as it is the raw material used in the industries of yarns and fabrics, and the cotton yield is about %75 of the amount of all different crops. The Turkish city of Adana is the top city in cotton production.

In general, buying agricultural land, investing in lives stock or poultry farms in Turkey is one of the investments that has seen a remarkable increase in recent years. It is also the top country worldwide in the production of figs, hazelnuts, raisins, Royal dried apricots and cherries, and produces more than 70 percent of the global production of Pistachios. The Turkish government continues to encourage agriculture constantly. They gave a package of incentives for investors in this area,  which encouraged the purchase and leave a cattle farm in Turkey for those interested in livestock.

According to a statement issued by the Turkish Association of Producers and Exporters of Hazelnut, more than 208,000 tons of hazelnuts have been exported, which is worth $2.7 billion dollars, for $1400 dollars per 100 kg, this makes Turkey one of the largest exporters of hazelnuts in the world, which encourages more and more investors to buy farms in Turkey.

In Istanbul's Arnavutköy district, we have a 2050m2 field for sale from $456.800 USD. The land itself is suitable to raise beautiful gardens for your own vegetables, or sell for profit, while also guaranteeing your citizenship in the country for the $250.000 requirement. The property also comes with a prebuilt house.

In the Silivri district of the metropolis, a massive 13000 m2 field is available for your to craft the farming land of your dreams along with a real estate free land. The price is at $555.700 USD.

Those who want an even bigger option for a farmland, a 29000 m2 field is available in Tuzla district, nearby the Northern Marmara Highway's Anatolian parts. The farm land's price is tagged at $1.507.300 USD, but it is sure to give a return on your investment no matter how you use the land.

Those who wish to raise their crops by the cross of Mediterranean and the Aegean seas, a 365m2 field is available for $555.700 USD in Muğla's Menteşe district, surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges.

In Fethiye, a massive 12000 m2 field is for sale for $281.700 USD. It is located in a town near the highway for all your travels to the tourism center of the Aegean.

Again in Fethiye, it is possible to find another 12000 m2 farmland for $609.000 USD that is closer to the Aegean Sea, while being surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges.

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