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Historical Sites of Antalya

The whole district is an ancient city located at the junctions of the Mediterranean and Aegean Coasts of Turkey. With an old history such as Antalya, the city was home to many ancient greek mythologies and heroes. Nowadays, the city welcomes millions of tourists who wish to experience the ancient history and warm beaches. 


As one of the districts of Antalya, Kemer has managed to amaze tourists in the last two decades. The hotel business seems to be improving every aspect of life in the community. Kemer was home to many ancient civilizations before and now protects their leftover as cultural heritage. The Ancient City of Olympus, as well as the Chimera Stone, are located here. While the district shares the climate with the rest of the Mediterranean coasts, it is possible to see snow on the top of the Toros mountains surrounding the region.

Points of Interest;

  • Olympos; This is a small town of Belek district, neighbouring Kemer. Olympos, although a different land from the Greek mountain, shares similar geography. There is a high mountain with the same name or locally referred to as Tahtalı, which is 2.366 m in height. A cable car service will carry you up on the mountain, as well as to the Musa Mountain right next to it. The town receives its name from the ancient civilization that once settled here, and it is now famous for its Caretta Caretta eggs annually hatching by the beautiful coastlines. Watching the sunset or the sunrise by the beaches or on top of the mountains should be on your list if you ever visit the area.

  • The Neverending Fire; Yanartaş is a natural phenomenon occurring in Olympos. According to the Greek Poet/Philosopher Homer, the fire coming above are the flames from the lion-headed, snake tailed mythical monster Chimera stuck seven floors down on the ground. For those who seek another meaning, Yanartaş is a natural gas line that found a way out from the underground and met oxygen above. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful sight to see.


As the western district of Antalya, Kaş is a highly touristic location for being surrounded by ancient civilizations such as Apollonia, and Kyaenai. On the south of the area, the Greek island Castelrosso is just 2 km away. Kaş receives a great deal of summer tourism. Still, it is not difficult to see non-locals every season, since Kaş is the only location in Turkey to never see below 0 Celsius weather all year round.

Points of Interest;

  • Stone Tombs of Myra; Leftover graveyards from the Lydians 4000 B.C., these tombs are scattered around the town with stone tablet writings accompanying them. These tombs are sometimes referred to as the King Tombs, and include a shrine, as well as an ancient theatre.

  • Church of St. Nicholas; The world-famous icon, Santa Claus, was initially born by the Aegean shores of Turkey. It may not have magical reindeers, but Saint Nicholas was, in fact, a real person and a bishop who gave gifts to orphan children and the poor. He was born in the year 270 and died at 343. His church is by Myra, and close to Kaş.


Home of ancient pirates, and Byzantine army, this small town by the Mediterranean handles about %90 percent tourism of Turkey while covering %30 percent of real estate sales in the country. People visit Alanya for its beautiful beaches, the historical Red Castle, as well as to taste the delicious Mediterranean kitchen.

Places of Interest

  • Beaches; Surrounded by up to 3500 person capacity facilities, Alanya’s beaches are a must-see location. It is possible to take a swim near historical places left by Byzantines and ancient pirates. A castle that shines red (Kızıl Kule), Cleopatra beach where the Egyptian Queen herself used to visit, and various coves of the mediterranean sea have made Alanya one of the top touristic locations in the country.
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