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Homes Under $100k in Turkey


While the city of 16 million is popular for its luxurious apartments, upcoming projects, and mansions and villas by the Bosphorus, it is quite possible to find property under 100.000 USD in the busiest districts.

maslak valley

Maslak is a luxuriously famous business district of Istanbul. popular due to the Bahcesehir University and its high-tech architecture. Many of the more modern and newer businesses, especially banks, have been choosing Maslak as their operating zone. The E5 Highway that connects two continents passes through here, with quick access to the three bridges, high-quality hospitals, and art venues. Due to the closeness to the Asian continent, Europe on the west, and Black Sea countries on the north, was chosen to be an economical center. The public transit system has been improved and designed to accommodate the district’s needs. You can travel to all sides of Istanbul through the subway station on the main road of Maslak, or you can take it to one station over and watch a soccer game at the nearby stadium.

The district is also surrounded by two named forests. While Parkorman is a natural park, Belgrad has deep international and historical roots reaching to the Ottoman Era. The former receives its name from the Belgradian (Serbian) citizens who lived in a nearby village during the Ottoman reign. Nowadays, both are a small paradise in the middle of a chaotic city life.

Maslak Valley surrounds itself with the Belgrade Forest on the European side of Istanbul, while being a short ride away from the heart of the city. Maslak Valley consists of three areas; Terrace, Bulvar, and Park, built on a 423.000 m2 land. The project includes 1.915 flats that start from $98.200 USD with 67 m2, a shopping mall with 103.000 sqm, a 760 meters long avenue full of street shops, fully equipped office space of 300 thousand sqm, home offices of 20 thousand m2, and a 5-star hotel. The total constructional area of Maslak Valley is 1.350.000 m2.


An ancient city founded by the Aegean Sea, Izmir is full of rich history, and an up and coming infrastructure in Turkey. It endured the conflicts of Turkey’s Independence War in 1922, as well as being founded by the Trojans of 3000 B.C. Izmir is a highly touristic location as well as a city full of villas for private space. You will experience a warm summer throughout the year, and the beaches most of the year. The city now competes with Istanbul and Ankara in popularity, and its touristic attraction alone is enough to keep the province interesting for decades. Even though the city had been through a lot of invasions, wars, and disasters, it managed to rebuild itself to its previous state. Today, Izmir is a metropolitan city and the third most populous city in Turkey.

izmir 3

Those who wish to own a large 3 bedroom apartment right by a forest and on the edges of the city center, will find the perfect home by the Bayraklı district of Izmir. This 160m2 apartment for sale in Izmir is a 3+1 with 2 bathrooms located by a private apartment complex. While the apartment complex comes with a private pool, playgrounds, and security, its prized possession is the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea. The residential units at this location starts from 93.100 USD.

Those who wish to be live in a secluded place where you will be distant from people and one with nature and ancient history can find a beautiful 4+1 villa in the popular Çeşme district. This 150 m2 summer resort that is also perfect for getaway vacations is on sale from $83.700 USD.

cesme yazlık

Meaning “Fountain” in Persian, this district of the western coastal city is quiet in the morning, and alive at night. It receives the name from the various fountains found around the town left from the Ottoman era. With a population of 20 thousand, the town gets annual tourists just to see the famous Çeşme Castle. It is also possible to travel between Greek Island Chios.


Due to its location, Aydın has always been one of the top spots for global tourism and farm exports. The region's warm climate all year round has helped the population of Aydın to contribute plenty of delicious food and appetizers to the Turkish cuisine. The history it has is one of the rarest as it was home to King Agamemnon. It is believed that Ionians established the first society of the district by the name of Neopolis. You can still see their ruins by the tip of the half-island. The ancient Greek king Agamemnon has built his town there with the name of Pygale. 

kusadası villa

Kuşadası is the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey thanks to the large cruise lines that take tourists to the nearby ancient sites. Yet, it has many more bonuses up its sleeve when it comes to activities. The district takes its name from the Turkish word 'kuş' (bird) and 'ada' (island). Bird Island is a reference to the Pigeon Island (Güvercin Adası), which is connected to the mainland by a short path.

For those ancient history fans, Kuşadası offers the perfect villa options. A 4+2 summer resort built close to the beaches of Kuşadası is on sale for $96.400 USD. Almost a mansion, this 210 m2 villa is perfect for those who want a legroom for their families, or anyone who wishes to live a secluded lifestyle.

efeler aydın

In the Efeler district, a 5+1 with 3 bathrooms is available for 78.300 USD. This massive unit is built on an apartment complex, and perfect for families or those who wish to live in a close community. While the apartment has a private swimming pool inside, the location is also close to the beaches of Aydın. In this residential complex, you will have a Sauna, a fitness room, as well as a private doorman at your disposal.

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