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How To Apply For Turkish Grants & Scholarship in 2020 - 2021?

The Turkish Government Scholarship is a scholarship offered by the Ministry of Higher Education every year to foreign students wishing to complete their university or master's and doctoral studies in Turkey,

Providing them with special advantages that qualify them to live well in case they are accepted for the scholarship.

Turkey opens the doors of its universities for international students from all around the world with “Türkiye Scholarships”. The scholarship program provides its recipients with vast opportunities and education in the most prestigious Turkish universities, helping students gain new perspectives and have a unique educational experience during their studies in Turkey.  


Turkish scholarships are among the most popular scholarship programs around the world. Given the multiple faculties that cover the various stages, whether bachelor's, master's and doctorate,

the scholarship program provides more than 4000 students annually, which opens the way for a higher level of admissions.


The scholarship provides free student accommodation, and students who do not prefer to stay in university accommodation may use another option at their own expense.


In addition to the monthly salary and health insurance, to receive treatment for free in government hospitals or with low fees in some cases, and below we review the most important requirements of the Turkish grant and the method of application.

What the Turkish scholarship provides for foreign students

First of all, here are some quick points on what the Turkish scholarship provides for foreign students;

1) Governmental health insurance

2) Study the Turkish language for a full year for free.

3) An airline ticket to enter Turkey and a plane ticket to exit after the study ends.

4) Separate Monthly Allowances alongside the grants.

5) Enjoy the benefits of a student residence permit.

6) The transportation card is discounted.

7) Free visiting card for museums and archaeological sites.

Students receiving the scholarship do not pay university fees, and the state grants them a monthly salary of the value as follows, alongside the monthly allowance:

Bachelor's degree:  800 Turkish liras per month

Master's degree:  1.100 Turkish liras per month

Doctorate stage:  1.600 Turkish liras per month

Research Grant:  3000 Turkish Liras per month

How to apply for Turkish scholarships

To apply for Turkish scholarships, the quickest is the online method, which is to apply directly through the website of the grant administration for free, and then you will bring all the papers and bring a file that holds your papers drawn by the scanner and start the steps.

Conditions for applying for the Turkish scholarship program for the undergraduate stage:

  • The age of the applicant does not exceed 21 years.
  • Not to be enrolled in a Turkish university.
  • His average in secondary is less than 70% for all specialties and 90% for the medical group specialties.
  • If he graduated or is about to graduate in high school, Al-Batali can apply with a document from the school where the student is studying high school.
  • In this case, the school can prove that he is enrolled in the third stage of the general secondary school.

Documents required of students wishing to register to study the undergraduate level:

  • A copy of a valid passport
  • A copy of the transcript of marks/grades
  • A copy of the high school diploma
  • A clear photograph with a white background

Required conditions for students wishing to apply for a master's degree:

The age of the applicant is not more than 30 years

The bachelor’s average should not be less than 75%.

The documents required for Masters students to apply to Turkish scholarship programs are:

  • A copy of the bachelor’s degree with a transcript
  • A copy of the high school diploma with the transcript
  • An affidavit explaining your reasons for choosing Turkey and choosing a scholarship to study for, this certificate is called a motivation certificate.
  • This letter should answer important questions, including:
  1. The subject of research that you want to write your letter about?
  2. The extent of your background on this topic, the extent of its importance, and how do you advise this topic?
  3. Write about professors and universities that caught your attention to apply on this topic?
  4. Show practical plans after graduating from graduate studies?
  5. The reason for choosing this list and the extent of your background for it?

  • A copy of a valid passport
  • A photograph with a white background
  • recommendation Letter

It is better to receive this letter from one of your university professors, in case you are not able to do so, you can extract it from your workplace or any entity you worked with in the field in which you want to complete your studies or prepare your thesis if you obtain it.


Information that should be included in the recommendation letter:

The student's full name

The Student's Desired Faculty

The institution they work for

Their phone number

Their email

Conditions that must be met by students wishing to apply for a doctoral degree:

The age of the applicant is not more than 35 years

The master's average is not less than 75%

The required documents

  • Secondary school certificate with transcript
  • Bachelor's degree with transcripts
  • Master's degree with transcript
  • Excerpts from the master's thesis
  • Two letters of recommendation

The aforementioned specifications must be present in the letters of recommendation submitted by the student, and it must also be from their professors at the university or from the employer in which he works or his superiors in any previous project.


Thousands submit the same papers every year, why should I apply for scholarship?

Any certificate that you will attach to the papers will greatly enhance your access to the grant, meaning that any activity you participated in or any voluntary charitable association with which you submitted work and gave you a certificate, send it, and if you master a specific hobby, whether it is in art or music and you have proof of that, this may be useful and will enhance Your chances of getting the grant.


You must know that you have to convince the person who will examine your papers that you are very worthy of receiving this scholarship and that you are a distinguished and effective person in community and not just an academic learner, but a multi-talented student at the academic, service and technical levels as well, so do not underestimate any payments received from the grant.

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