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Rental Yield In Istanbul

When we make an investment, we are usually looking for the fastest or the highest rate of return. This is an area that is sometimes unpredictable and sometimes we can make predictions based on statistics.

Real estate investment is also a safe investment tool based on data, memory and statistics that can guide us. In some cities, real estate investment can provide this in both ways. Like Istanbul...

But today we will examine a list of rental yields that includes Istanbul.

Considering the current market conditions, according to a survey of some of the most important metropolises in the world, Istanbul is at the top of the list after Cape Town, Tbilisi, San Juan, Dublin, Jakarta, Medellin, Rabat, Riga, Milan, Vilnius and Bucharest.

Of course, not all of these cities offer a high level of investment security or an easy exit strategy. However, Istanbul is one of the most important places in the world because of its great history and its location. Therefore, the confidence of the past is reflected in the future.

If we narrow this list down to European cities only, Istanbul is at the top of the list along with Dublin, Milan, Vilnius and Bucharest.


In today's conditions, it takes 15 years to pay back the purchase price of an apartment in Istanbul through rental income. In other words, we are talking about an annual return of more than 6.5%, which is far above the norm. It should be added that this is only based on the annual rent.

If you add the increase in value, which is an important fact that we at Turkey Real Estate have been telling our clients for years, it becomes clear how lucrative it is to invest in Istanbul. Turkey is a country that offers great investment opportunities in every period. We will always continue to explain the opportunities of the day. Now is the time to invest in Istanbul for rental income...

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