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Kaş - A Mediterranean Coast Resort For Holidays In Turkey

As the most western district of Antalya, Kaş is a highly touristic location for being surrounded by ancient civilizations such as Apollonia, and Kyaenai. On the south of the area, the Greek island Castelrosso is just 2 km away. Kaş receives a great deal of summer tourism. Still, it is not difficult to see non-locals every season, since Kaş is the only location in Turkey to never see below 0 Celsius weather all year round.

Experience the Ancient History that Shaped the World

The city of Patara is established by the district of Kaş, in Antalya. It is also close to Fethiye by Muğla province. Patara beach is a wonder to explore. You will get to experience a perfect sunset from the hills overlooking the Mediterranean sea. It is a matchless experience to smell fresh air produced by Pine trees, as you walk on the beach.

Patara is a natural beauty in Mediterranean Turkey, with an 11 km sandy coast. The name of the beach comes from the ancient city called Patara, which is behind the dunes of the beach. The beach and the surrounding area is under protection because it is also a nesting area of sea turtles like Iztuzu beach. There are some facilities which are open in the summer season. The beach is only a mile away from Gelemi village and is perfect if you are looking for a small summer trip full of natural scenery and exploring ancient ruins. By the waters of the long beach, you may get to see Caretta-Caretta eggs hatching as you take a swim.


Stone Tombs of Myra; Leftover graveyards from the Lydians 4000 B.C., these tombs are scattered around the town with stone tablet writings accompanying them. These tombs are sometimes referred to as the King Tombs, and include a shrine, as well as an ancient theatre.

Church of St. Nicholas; The world-famous icon, Santa Claus, was initially born by the Aegean shores of Turkey. It may not have magical reindeers, but Saint Nicholas was, in fact, a real person and a bishop who gave gifts to orphan children and the poor. He was born in the year 270 and died at 343. His church is by Myra, and close to Kaş.

Go on an Adventurous Journey

Within reasonable driving distance are locations for scuba diving, hiking, truck safaris, snorkeling, canyoning, gorge walking, coasteering, sea kayaking, cycling, walking, and paragliding, as well as wonderful beaches. Local tour companies are happy to arrange any of these activities. Kaş is considered the "diving capital of the Mediterranean."


The nearby "sunken city" of Kekova (which you are not allowed to stop over) is a great day trip that usually includes a stop in the lovely village of Simena for lunch. Plenty of companies offer sea kayaking at Kekova (starting at 60 TL/person, including the trip from Kaş). You may have fun, plenty of rest time, and a good buffet lunch.

Sea kayaking over in calm rivers of Turkey is a great experience to have. Kekova delivers a unique sea kayaking experience to its visitors with an age-old flooded ancient city underneath.

Scuba Dive through History

Scuba diving is all about exploration and fun. Turkey is surrounded by the sea except for its eastern region and is home to many spectacular scuba diving sites such as Gallipoli, Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, Akyaka, Kaş, Kalkan, Kemer and many more.


Antalya, especially its Kaş and Kalkan districts, are home to many top-tier scuba diving sites filled with underwater caves, canyons, reefs, corals, and an Ottoman shipwreck you can discover thoroughly. These two districts are one of the best destinations in the world you can participate in scuba diving with amazing natural sceneries both under and above water.

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