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Sapanca Lake - The Amazing Villa Holiday Place to Go

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Sapanca villa prices are valued day by day, is an excellent option for those who want real estate and housing. Sapanca's magnificent nature and real estate projects intertwined with nature are just one of the advantages of owning a property in Sapanca. There are many reasons why many investors are turning their attention to Sapanca and providing real estate to their clients.

Sapanca is located in the Sakarya province in the Marmara region, about 130 km from Istanbul. Located around a wonderful lake of the same name and surrounded by lush forests, Sapanca has become one of the tourism and investment destinations.

Sapanca has become a favourite destination for those who want to become a Turkish citizen by buying a property in here thanks to the good prices of villas that are designed elegantly. The real estate investments in Sapanca, where tourism is always lively in summer and winter, is a place that has been gaining since the first day of the investment due to the intensive rental of villas.

It is almost the same as the real estate prices in Trabzon, which have been valued in recent years, and the villa prices in Sapanca are around $ 130,000.

Little bit About Sapanca

Sapanca is a highly developed city. There are health centers, public hospitals, shops, various bakeries, restaurants, furniture stores and markets in the city. The most beautiful part of Sapanca is that all of these are intertwined with nature, among the green trees and streams. There are also many hotels as it is developed in tourism.

How to Get to Sapanca 

You can go from the European side of Istanbul to Sapanca by bus from the bus station to the city of Izmit, then you can go by taxi or bus.

To get to Sapanca from the Asian side of Istanbul, you can take the train from Harem station to Izmit city and then to Sapanca. You can also use the Haydar Pasha train station and Sapanca line.

Sapanca Climate

The city of Sapanca is characterized by a temperate climate with an average temperature 14 ° C, which records the highest precipitation in December, and in general, has an active tourism in all seasons.

Top Attractions in Sapanca

1- Lake Sapanca

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Lake Sapanca, Turkey is one of the most spectacular sights, one of Turkey's largest natural lake.

2- Kartepe Mountain

Kartepe Mountain, which is 1600 meters high, is perfect for those who love plateau air. There is a cable car system that reaches the top of the mountain.

3- Masukiye Village

Located near Sapanca Lake and Kartepe Mountain, the village is a lush village surrounded by waterfalls formed by fresh water flowing from Kartepe to Sapanca Lake.

Sapanca's tourism, spectacular nature, with the villas at affordable prices in Turkey,  sis one of the most beautiful places in the real estate investment field. The real estate prices, which are around $ 130,000 and $ 400,000, are quite favorable compared to the potential of the region. It is more advantageous than many places where real estate investment in the country is increasing. Its proximity to Istanbul and its proximity to the city of Sakarya, which is developed in terms of health, industry, education, transportation and economy, is another reason for choice. You can contribute to the physical and mental health of both you and your loved ones with the investments you will make in Sapanca, a corner of paradise which can be called as the back garden of Marmara region.

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