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Tallest Buildings in Turkey

Coincidentally, the top tallest four buildings in Turkey, are all located in the most populated city of itself, in Istanbul. The fifth tallest skyscraper in the country is the Mistral Offices rising to 216 meters in Izmir, located by the coasts of Aegean, yet still smaller than the fourth tallest building by 4 meters.

Now, here are the four tallest buildings in Istanbul, and the country.

skyland istanbul

1) Skyland Offices and Residences
These twin skyscrapers are located in the Şişli district, and both reach to 284 meters. While the office building has 65 floors, its residence twin reaches to 64 floors. That seems to be the distinguishing factor for the towers. They hold the title of the seventh tallest building in all of Europe.

metropol istanbu

2) Metropol Istanbul
Began construction in 2017, Metropol İstanbul in Ataşehir is a huge, contemporary multi-use complex with residences & an indoor-outdoor shopping mall. With the top height of 280 meters and 58 floors, Metropol Istanbul seems to be the location to enjoy the city on the Asian side.

sapphire istanbul

3) Saphhire Istanbul
Located in the Maslak area, Saphhire Istanbul is one of the most famous modern structures in Istanbul and the region. It is home to many top businesses in Turkey, while also being a home to people. With its 54 floors on 261 meters, the Saphhire skyscraper held the title of the tallest building in Turkey and the 4th tallest building in all of Europe when its construction was completed in 2010.

istanbultowwer 205

4) Istanbul Tower 205
With 52 floors on 220-meter height, the tower has been open and operational as head offices for many top brands in Istanbul since 2018. It rises in downtown Şişli and it is quite hard to miss when the building is on your vision thanks to its unique window designs.

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