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Bodrum is a beautiful town where white Aegean houses dressed with pink bougainvillea flowers looking to blue of Aegean sea under bright, warming sun. It is one of the best holiday destinations in Turkey, it is a town which will have a place in your heart and mind. We are sure that you will find peace, fun, and love in Bodrum. There are many things that make this town so special and we will talk about some of the best things about it.

Well-organized Tourism

It is a well-developed holiday town with many resorts, hotels, pensions, bars, clubs, beaches, tours, concerts and so on. The list goes on and Bodrum was always a unique corner of the Aegean region in history.


Ancient History

There are many ancient city ruins inside and around the town. Some of them still in use for events like concerts but the first historical monument of Bodrum you should see is its castle. St. Peters' Castle is in the middle of the town and has a museum inside called Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology. In this museum, you can see the many artifacts used during the trade belonging to Ionian times and ancient Greek times.


Clean Beaches with Beautiful Sea

After a brief beginning with the history of the town, you can enjoy the sea and the sun on the public beaches around the castle. There are many beaches with restaurants and bars behind them so you can have a relaxing day as you wish.


Nightlife of Bodrum

When the time knocks the door of the night, Bodrum becomes alive again. As we mentioned, due to the developed tourism, it has one of the best night clubs in the south of Turkey. Halikarnas is the most popular. However, the town is full of night clubs we are sure that you can find the one which fits you the best.


Wide Range of Restaurants and Atmosphere

If you are looking for a calm evening in a romantic atmosphere, you can check the restaurants alongside the coast. Having dinner next to the sea together with a unique Bodrum atmosphere will give you and your beloved ones joyful moments.


History Living in Harmony with the Town and Art Events

In summer, Bodrum gets full of local and foreign tourists. Among them, there are many artists and musicians who have a holiday and give concerts in amphitheater. In these times, you can find many art events, theatres, concerts, dance shows and so on... The experience of any event in the ancient amphitheater is something that you will never forget. You can feel the past lives of the town when you are experiencing modern time art events.


Artful Heritage

Even before all this development and an increase in the popularity of Bodrum, it has preferred by some of the most iconic artists, musicians and poets in Turkey. Zeki Muren, who is a famous musicians and composers of Turkish Art Music, had a house in Bodrum which become a museum later. This museum become one of the symbols of the town and it consists of his souvenirs, performing dresses and many things about him and his life. Zeki Muren Art Museum is a chance to have a closer look at Turkish music and the influence of Bodrum on it.

Boat Trips

Surrounding of Bodrum is as beautiful as the center of the town. You can discover the beautiful nature of Bodrum by boat trips or by a car drive. With a boat trip, you can go to islands and bays around Bodrum, enjoy a day full of sea. Bardakci Cove is the best one you should see.


Beaches and Bays

By a car drive, you can visit other smaller towns of Bodrum like Turkbuku, Gumusluk, Turgut, Ortakent, Yahsi etc. There are many beaches, resorts, bars in these towns and you can join the boat trips that have different rotations as well. Yahsi Beach, Camel Beach in Kargi Bay, Gumbet Beach, Fener Beach, and Meteor Beach are among the places that you should try to see. Long coast and unique geography, has many beautiful and unique bays with it and they all have different tastes. These are the most famous ones.



When it comes to fall and the winter, Bodrum turns to the quite and sweet town of Aegean sea. Peaceful beaches with soft weather... While Bodrum refreshes itself for the next summer, walking on its beaches and relaxing is the best thing to do during these times, 

We wish the best times for anyone out there who looks forward to having a trip to Bodrum.


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