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Top 10 Things to Do in Sakarya: Great Place for Holiday

Sakarya, also called as Adapazarı within locals, is an underrated Black-sea shored city to enjoy with its fascinating natural and historical attractions with a written ancient history that dates back to the 12th century BC. The city is situated between the two most important cities in Turkey, İstanbul, and Ankara. Sakarya is 1 hour and a half drive away from İstanbul and 3 hour drive away from the capital city Ankara. 

Sakarya is an industrially developed city because of its proximity to many other significant Turkish cities, major roads, train lines, and sea lines. In addition to its commercial importance, the city has remarkable natural wonders, striking historical landmarks, and a unique cultural atmosphere which are still unknown among many international travelers. We listed 10 of these amazing things you can enjoy while you are in Sakarya right below. 

Sapanca Lake


Sapanca is one of the loveliest districts of Sakarya with a spectacular lake that presents gorgeous sceneries in every season of the year. There are many top-notch luxury and boutique hotels around the lake as well as many amazing properties for sale.



Karasu is the most northern district of Sakarya and known for its gorgeous beaches and clear seas. The district is the ideal summer destination of locals for many years and has been steadily growing in terms of popularity every year also in international communities.

Poyrazlar Lake


Poyrazlar Lake is located 6 kilometers away from the city center and offers a spectacular time to its visitors with its magical beauty. The lake is surrounded by many good cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Sakarya dishes.

Bridge of Justinian


Bridge of Justinian or Sangarius Bridge, called Beşköprü in Turkish, is the oldest surviving historical landmark of Sakarya. The bridge’s history dates back to the late 6th century and it was built by the East Roman Emperor Justinian I to improve transportation and communication between the eastern and western parts of the empire. The Bridge of Justinian is still in use in Sakarya in a well-preserved shape.

Earthquake Museum


17th August 1999 is a saddening date for many Sakarya resident since it is the date of the devastating 7,5 on Richter scale İzmit earthquake that left many scars in the Marmara region. Earthquake Museum in the Sakarya city center is there to keep the memory of lost ones alive and to raise consciousness about earthquakes. The museum has an earthquake simulator that visitors can try.

Acarlar Floodplain Forest


Acarlar floodplain forest is located 60 kilometers north of the city center and offers spectacular natural sceneries to its visitors. Acarlar is a unique place to visit with its special lake and breath-taking surroundings.

Maden Creek


Maden creek is located in Karasu district of Sakarya and offers an unforgettable journey filled with nature to its visitors. It is possible for you to hike to the creek for about two hours accompanied by bird noises in the greenest atmosphere possible.

Çark Street


If you are familiar with İstiklal Street in İstanbul, then you will have a glimpse of what Çark Street is for Sakarya. The street is the most lively and crowded place in the city with various shops, cafés, and restaurants.

Doğançay Waterfall


Doğançay Waterfall is located 35 kilometers away from the Sakarya city center and is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the city. It is possible for you to participate in trekking organizations to reach the waterfall that is situated 600 meters high from the sea level.

Acelle Plateau 


Acelle Plateau is located in Akyazı district of Sakarya. The plateau offers spectacular natural sceneries to its visitors as well as a glimpse of the everyday life of villagers in Sakarya.

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