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Tourism in Turkey

Due to its location, Turkey has always been one of the top spots for tourism of ancient history, a luxurious holiday by the warm beaches, or the health sector. The affordable prices and 3 different regions with a warm climate all year round has helped Turkey attract more and more people with every new year. The country has a charming nature, and unparalleled appeal around the world, and a relatively mild climate, next to a civilization and a long history that showcases the wonderful cities of Turkey. Istanbul alone was ranked ninth among the most visited cities in the world in 2018, preceded by Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Rome and Los Angeles, and other important tourist cities. 

Since it is one of the few countries where the four seasons can be experienced all year round, many Turkish cities offer their complete beauty year around. Yet, megacities such as Istanbul is one of the few that enchants the visitor if the weather is relatively colder and windy. As the fall begins and the winter approaches, this 16 million population of a city transforms into a concrete, yet magical jungle. Just like its history, Istanbul has always been a harsh land. It has been through countless battles, conquests, and natural disasters that shaped its skyline. Cities like Marmaris, Izmir, Istanbul, and Bodrum benefit from the history and sea tourism, as well as the alive nightlife. 

Real estate investment in Turkey offers a profitable return on investment, based on the attractive power of tourism. This rise is most evident in tourist periods and seasons, through the demand for rental homes generally during the summer season. The investment studied in real estate, which is highly sought after during the tourism season in Turkey, can provide an encouraging profit, and a good return on investment.

An Ancient History Mixed in Modern Times

Turkey is a country in both Europe and Asia with its lovely culture and a large history. The country has 81 provinces, in 7 regions, where the capital Ankara is a city in the central region, called Anatolia. Although the Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts grab the most attention during summer, the cultural and economic center is the megacity Istanbul.


Many civilizations were located in the area that is now Turkey, like the Hittites, the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. Many important events in the history of Christianity happened in Turkey, and the country shares borders with many of the Muslim countries. Because it lies in both Europe and Asia, some people see Turkey as the bridge between the two continents and cultures.

A Delicious Cuisine from 7 Different Regions

Turkey's warm and diverse climate lets many kinds of food crops grow. Turkish cuisine is world-renown, having centuries-old recipes dating back to the Ottoman Empire era and sometimes even before that time. There are hundreds and maybe thousands of different dishes that are specific to Turkey. Not only the Turks but also the foreigners who visit Turkey love tasting these dishes and enjoying a rich meal. Most of these dishes are difficult to prepare as they take a long time and require patience. However, for most people, the delicious meal is worth all the effort. 

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