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Turkey in Winter Season - A Fairy Tale Experience

As a country that experiences all four seasons, Turkey offers its complete beauty every day in a year. 

Based on the exchange rates alone, winter tourism is observed to be more than affordable in Turkey than anywhere in the surrounding regions. On the connection point of Asia and Europe, visitors can enjoy all of the hospitality and history that Turkey has to offer on top of the snow and ice on its scenic beauty of a terrain. With more than THIRTY luxury ski resorts, Turkey should definitely be in consideration for your next winter destination.

Turkey offers fantastic skiing and snowboarding opportunities at high altitudes with excellent snowfall throughout the historical Anatolia, where hobbyists will find themselves surrounded by mesmerizing terrains and alpine forests. Turkey’s top winter ski resorts can be found from the slopes of the Marmara region to Eastern Anatolia. From resorts for your family, to the extreme skiers, there is something for everyone. The Turkish winter tourism has made an excellent effort to remain ahead of the pack by providing convenience for all. With elevated skiing and cross country campaigns through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and extreme sports like kite skiing and heli-skiing at the top of its highest mountains, Turkey is ready to welcome you in comfort.

image7 Istanbul

One of the major attractions of Istanbul, the Bosphorus is equally eye-catching during every season. The wind is never calm on the Marmara Sea no matter the weather. There are private or public boat tours you can take with your friends and family. Especially the night time rides are highly recommended for your first time, as to witness the lighting shows off the Three Bridges that connect Asia and European continents. The most alive sea shore districts, Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, and Fatih, all offer an incredible winter experience as you watch the snowfall down to the city. The dolphins of Marmara may have been traveled to warmer climates, but you can still be followed around by Sea Gulls that you can feed with your Turkish Bagels (Simit).

The restaurants of the Bosphorus will still be open during the winter. The nightlife will continue with them. You can relax at a seafood restaurant to enjoy the nightlife of Kadıköy, or Eminönü, hiding behind a glass window, yet still enjoying the skyline and the musical wonders of Istanbul.


Erzurum is a haven for those who love the winter, with its mountains covered in thick snow most of the year-round as well as historical buildings inherited from various civilizations. Located on the ancient route for Silk Road, Erzurum holds an important place in the history of the Republic as a city where critical decisions were made during the critical times of the Turkish Independence War.


Sapanca, Located on the western corners of the province that touches the Black Sea from the Marmara Region, Sapanca is famous for its thermal lakes. Due to its closeness to Istanbul and Anatolia, it is possible to find ruins from Byzantine Empires, as well as an arch rumored to be designed by the famous architect Mimar Sinan. The lakes located in this district are all hot water, and generally used as a treatment for muscle pain, and relaxation after a busy work week.


With its close proximity to Istanbul and the city of Bursa, the Uludağ Ski Centre has become THE winter tourism center in Turkey. A mountain 63 km away from the district, Uludağ is an international spot for ski lovers and every other winter competition. With the height of 2.543 m and professional ski resorts, this mountain is the definitive choice of families during winter break.

image3 Bodrum

When it comes to fall and the winter, Bodrum turns to the quite and sweet town of Aegean sea. Peaceful beaches with soft weather... While Bodrum refreshes itself for the next summer, walking on its beaches and relaxing is the best thing to do during these times. 

There are many ancient city ruins inside and around the town. Some of them still in use for events like concerts but the main historical monument of Bodrum you should see is the castle. St. Peters' Castle is in the middle of the town and has a museum inside called Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology. In this museum, you can see the many artifacts used during the trade belonging to Ionian times and Ancient Greek times.

Even before all its development and an increase in the popularity of Bodrum, the coastal district was preferred by some of the most iconic artists, musicians, and poets in Turkey. Zeki Müren, who was a famous musician and composer of Turkish Art Music, had a house in Bodrum that become a museum later. This house became one of the symbols of the town and it consists of his souvenirs, performing dresses, and many things about him and his life.


Just car ride reach from the city of Kars on the eastern border of Turkey with Georgia and Armenia, the district Sarıkamış is famous for its ‘crystal snow’ which is a global phenomenon rarely occurring anywhere and creates the perfect skiing conditions. The Sarıkamış Ski Resort is perfect for any level of winter fan as the center is divided into two stages, for beginners and the other for the skilled hobbyists.

While the tracks are perfect for all, the real snow treat can be found at the Cıbıltepe Ski Resort which is settled at the lower stages. The scenery around Cıbıltepe is like a painting, with scotch pine forests and a view of pure white snow covering the region under a blanket of itself.

Horse pulled sleighs are given to the guests for scenic enjoyment as well as being used for transportation and freight transport around the resort. While some enjoy their usage as a means of getting around the resort, the rides have become an attraction on their own. 

uzungol2Uzungöl - Trabzon

Uzungöl is a lake in Trabzon province, 1100 meters above from the sea level and its water is sweet. There are no written records about the lake and people living around it until 1643 but geological evidence suggests that Uzungöl was formed approximately six centuries ago in an event of a landslide. In 1643, Uzungöl and its surrounding area were home to 26 families according to Ottoman tax records. Today, Uzungöl is a well-preserved tourism attraction with its amazing lake, cultural atmosphere, trekking routes, bird-watching spots, botanical tours, and thrilling outdoor activities. 

Uzungöl delivers an unforgettable journey to its visitors with its unique attractions and visited by many international tourists every year. In Uzungöl, you can participate in various natural activities such as paragliding above Uzungöl. Paragliding in Uzungöl offers unforgettable sceneries to its participants and you can record your experience with a given handheld camera. It is also possible for you to join trekking tours and camping trips in Uzungöl where you can relieve a year’s stress in a captivating tranquil atmosphere with bird and water sounds all around.

Besides these natural activities, you can have a trip to the village and its surroundings. In the village, you can wander around the narrow streets of Uzungöl accompanied by the sceneries of old wooden houses; have a glimpse of locals’ conventional village life, enjoy traditional authentic recipes in local restaurants and buy traditional Uzungöl souvenirs for your loved ones. 

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