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Turkish Dishes You Can Do At Home!

Turkish cuisine has tons of options and offer something for everyone. In this article, we are sharing with you most popular Turkish Foods you can taste with a little bit of handwork.

Turkish dishes are world-renown especially most of them being the legacy of the Ottoman Empire. They are quite different in nature yet very delicious. We have listed some of the Turkish dishes that you should try.



Sarma is loved by almost every Turk. It is made out of grape leaves soften in brine. These leaves are mainly filled with semi-cooked rice and mixed with some currants. The grape leaves are then rolled. After it is cooked with olive oil, it is chilled in the fridge. Served with some lemons, sarma is eaten cold.



Mantı is basically the Turkish dumpling. After the dough is made and rolled out until thin enough, it is cut in small squares. In each square, a small piece of seasoned lamb is put and the corners of the dough are folded together. Then, the dumplings are boiled. The dumplings are served with yogurt mixed with some garlic on top. Additionally, the mixture of melted butter, mint and paprika is added on top of the yogurt as the final touch. 



Hünkar Beğendi is an Ottoman dish and it literally is translated in to “the Sultan liked it”. Some butter and flour are stirred together and then roasted eggplants are added in and mixed. Later, milk is added slowly to the mixture along with some salt and cheese, specifically kaşar cheese. This mixture is put on the plate and then the lamb stew is added on top of it. The mixture may sound strange however, this dish is truly delicious. If the Sultan liked it, I am sure you will too. 



Çiğ Köfte literally means raw meatball. It is a dish made from wheat, raw meat, tomato paste and a lot of different spices. However, since it includes raw meat, it has to be prepared with the utmost care. Therefore, many places offer çiğ köfte without meat which is also suitable for vegans or vegetarians. It is a dish that is extremely difficult to make due to the long time it takes to knead the mixture. The mixture is then shaped into smaller pieces, resembling meatballs. It is eaten by rolling lettuce around the meatball, topping it with some lemon or pomegranate syrup. It is also eaten by wrapping with lavash, a type of thin bread. You should definitely give this one a try. 



Menemen is a dish that is usually eaten at breakfast. It is made by cooking green peppers with tomatoes and then adding in whipped eggs to the mixture. Once the egg is cooked, the dish is ready to be served.



If you go to Eminönü, you have to eat balık ekmek. There are many boats along the coast in Eminonu that only make balık ekmek. It is a very simple dish that is considered street food. It is basically a sandwich made with fish. A half-bread is filled with grilled fish, onions and some green vegetables. If you get one straight from the boats in Eminonu, you can also see that they are selling pickle juice on the side which many people love drinking alongside balık ekmek. 



Mercimek Çorbası is actually the lentil soup and it is so delicious. It is made of red lentil mixed with vegetables and spices. If you have not tried it, you should definitely give it a try.



İçli Köfte is a very delicious yet difficult-to-make dish. It is prepared by either boiling or frying it, depending on personal preference. İçli köfte has a crusty exterior made from fine bulgur which is filled with minced meat prepared with onions and spices. Some of them also include walnuts inside. Even though it may sound interesting, it is one of the most loved dishes in Turkey. 



Kumpir is mainly made from baked potatoes. The potato is baked and then sliced open. The hot potato inside is mashed and scooped out, and mixed with some butter and kaşar cheese and added back into the potato. Then, according to the preference of the person who will eat the kumpir, many different things are added in such as Russian salad, sausage, olives, corn, pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise. It is a very filling dish that tastes amazing.



Börek is a kind of pastry made of thin dough. Even though it has many different shapes and styles or making, it is the same at its core. The dough is filled with many different ingredients such as cheese, minced meat, spinach, potato and leek. Börek is a salty dish yet there is also a sweet version made with pumpkin. Börek is usually made for guests who come for a cup of tea. It can also be eaten during breakfast.

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