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Turkish Internet Providers and Their Services

In Turkey, from the mobile ones to the home connection based ones, all internet providers share the same cable infrastructure, besides their own. Government originated telecommunication giant Turk Telekom is tasked with the maintenance and operation of the infrastructure reaching the four corners of the country, to every home from their originated factory. This infrastructure has been in continuous operation and development since the 1940s, paid by the taxes of Turkish citizens.

This means, although you have various options to choose the best plan for yourself, your internet connection is essentially operated by Turk Telekom at the lowest level. Your internet provider either secures the connection between you and Turk Telekom, or rents their own space in the data factories. Depending on how long you will stay in the country, or how you will connect to the Internet, you have plenty of plans to choose from. Although rented houses or apartments from a third party sometimes includes the Internet fees, it is always best to manage your own choice.

1) Turk Telekom

For those who have their own homes, or wish to stay in one location for a long time, Turk Telekom's cheapest but the slowest fiber internet starts from 8 Mbps at 84,90 TRY at the moment. Those who want more speed can find 50 Mbps options from 174,90 Turkish Liras. These are all unlimited data packages that offer double connection speed for the first 6 months of your contract.

As they recently included Avea, another turkish communication giant, in their family, Turk Telekom also offers LTE package options you can take anywhere with you on your mobile phones. Those who do not spend as much time on the internet, and keeps their social interactions such as streaming media, uploading photos and videos on the internet, will find plenty of mobile options. These 4.5G data plans start from the trial ones with 1GB Data at 32 TRY, which includes 600 minutes of calling, and 1000 text messages. They can go up to 15 GB of data, with unlimited texting and 5000 minutes of voice calls at 89 TRY price point. 

2) Vodafone

Out of the data providers in Turkey, Vodafone is the globalist option, as they are based in the UK, and cover most of the European continent. Although Vodafone focuses on mobile internet through your phone's sim card, they also offer home internet.

Vodafone's Fiber Internet packages start from 24 Mbps internet speed, at 79,90 TRY, with unlimited data plans, and can reach up to 100 Mbps speed at 149,90 TRY price point. All their plans include 24 months of Vodafone TV application access where you can watch broadband TV channels for free at High Quality.

Vodafone's mobile internet packages include lots of variety to best suit your needs. You can purchase 5 GB data plans with plenty of text and voice calls that also include 5 GB extra data for the social media app of your choosing. Many of the plans also include Whatsapp text messaging that does not consume from your data plan.

The internet provider also offers a Holiday Tariff option that you can buy a prepaid sim card from any Vodafone shops in Turkey. This option includes 20 GB of internet, 750 minutes of talking, and 1000 text messages. For more information, you can contact Vodafone directly.

3) Turkcell

One of the three big telecommunication giants of Turkey, Turkcell has been in the telephone connection business since the first mobile phones became widely available in the country. Although they are focused on phone connections, Turkcell also provides mobile hotspots you can take anywhere with you.

Turkcell's biggest advantage over the other internet providers is their VINN service that offers internet from anywhere you have access to a computer with USB connection. Through their VINN device, you have options to have up to 200 GB internet anywhere. Their yearly contracts start from 39,90 TRY with 10 GB internet, and go up to 249,90 TRY with 200 GB internet.

4) Superonline

This internet provider is Turkcell's subsidiary that offers fiber internet to your home. If you are already a Turkcell Simcard owner, you can purchase a 100 Mbps unlimited internet package from 149,90 TRY, with a %25 percent discount.

For foreigners, Turkcell also offers special plans. Their limitless internet start from 89,90 TRY per month with 25 Mbps, and can reach 100 Mbps at 199,90 TRY.

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