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Which Province Is Popular by Foreigners?

While economical reasons are the leading factor for foreigners to choose Turkey, many also choose to experience a unique nature among modernism and ancient architecture. While Istanbul is now famous for its offices, and expensive villas, the city still attracts admirers who wish to wake up to the historical Marmara Sea, the ancient mosques, or the seven hills. Mediterranean and Aegean Coasts like Bodrum and Antalya are still the top destination for those who want to get away and relax under the sun. While Ankara in central Anatolia still attracts for its bureaucracy, many foreigners choose it for the amazing mountain views among history. Black Sea region provinces like Trabzon and Samsun still compete with the Marmara sea for its view, on top of the green mountain ranges. The inner and southern Anatolia captivates those who wish to experience an authentic Turkish cuisine among Turkish culture and ancient history.

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Real estate investment in Turkey provides a profitable return on investment, based on the attractive power of tourism, which is most evident in tourist periods and seasons, through the demand for rental homes during those seasons distributed throughout the year. The investment studied in real estate, which is highly sought after during the tourism season in Turkey, can provide an encouraging profit, and a good return on investment.

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The various attractions that pull people to Turkey, from a wonderful climate, top of their class universities, a promising economy, a huge real estate market, and many beaches and historical landmarks drawing tourists from different parts of the world to it, all this makes the investment and residence in Turkey a winning option and ideal by all standards. Turkey’s location, at the crossroads of Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East, provides easy access to the European, Middle Eastern, North African, Central Asian, and Gulf markets. These markets comprise more than 1.5 billion people and account for a total GDP of USD 24 trillion.


Among all the destinations in Turkey, Antalya pulls the most foreign tourists year after year. It is unquestionably historical and full of beaches like many of the Mediterranean and Aegean provinces, yet Antalya is the winner, with only racing Istanbul on tourism and real estate. Antalya is the place to be for a year-long summer, magnificent mansions at affordable costs, and a truly luxurious life among ancient familiarities. Beaches like Olympos, Belek, and Kaş have continuously pulled the most Eastern Europeans to the country.



Istanbul, with its 16 million population is almost its own country in the 80 million population of Turkey. Through the roots on two different continents, Istanbul is home to many districts that are not just historically and culturally, but naturally beautiful districts.

Dating back to the ancient world, Istanbul was the capital of the Roman Empire as well as the Byzantine Empire. It was also the capital of the Ottoman Empire for some time, before the capital moved to Ankara. Istanbul is a unique city known for being home to many historic landscapes and being located in both Europe and Asia continents. 


The Fatih district on the European side undeniably attracts the most Islamic population. It is not only home to Hagia Sophia and the Grand Mosque, but also holds several other historical locations for the Muslim world.

Beşiktaş on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait have been continuously pulling luxury fanatics to itself through villas and mansions with unmatched views and design. The world's 4th most expensive villa was sold from the district in 2015. Beşiktaş is home to the stadium of one of the grand football teams with the same name.

ortaköy mosque

Although there are plenty of famous districts to talk about on the European side, Şişli will be our last stop before we move on. The district is a thriving center of business, famous shopping malls, and apartment complexes built as skyscrapers. This district pulls one of the highest number of tourists after Beyoğlu and Fatih. Şişli offers top quality health services, hotels, and shopping needs at one location. 

Kadıköy and Üsküdar are the crown jewel of the Asian continent for Istanbul. While the former attracts the young population with its never-ending nightlife, the latter offers more affordable views of the Bosphorus as well as the Prince Islands at parts. Kadıköy is a city in a city that never sleeps like Beyoğlu's famous Taksim. It thrives in concerts, restaurants, and bars. Üsküdar on the other hand, is a more community-oriented destination for those who wish to study at a global university, among historical mosques left from the Ottoman era.

The Prince Islands are the getaway destination in a city that is overcrowded, and full of traffic. Through a single ferry ride from either continent, you can run away to your private villa located in one of the four habited islands. Büyükada and Burgazada has been attracting foreigners for their history in recent years, while also catering to community-oriented lifestyles. Heybeliada and Kınalıada offer more luxurious yet secluded houses to those who want to get away and be by themselves. Since foreigners are not allowed to own a house near a forbidden military zone, Heybeliada may not be the ideal location, as it is home to the country's oldest Naval academy. It is still a great trip destination with attractive restaurants by the Marmara Sea.


Neighboring Izmir on the north, and Antalya on the East, Muğla has attracted history fans in modern times. Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris are the absolute destination for anyone who wishes to go for a hike in ancient times in the morning, swim among untouched coves in the afternoon, and then dance among people at bars during the night. The heart of Turkish summer tourism, Muğla has been an attraction since ancient times. Although it has a population of 938 thousand, the whole province receives more than double that number as tourists. It is home to the popular beach towns like Bodrum, Fethiye, and Marmaris with gorgeous seas. It also has its airport for easy travel. It is possible to find leftovers of ancient civilizations on every part of Muğla. While these regions are known for their private properties like Villas and summer houses, apartments are slowly becoming more and more common closer to the downtown districts.


As the coastal city right by the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, Marmaris is a highly visited location for sailing fanatics who visit the coves in the region. Marmaris is home to plenty of luxury hotels that welcome millions of tourists every year. It is chosen for its warm weather all year round, especially during early summer. 


Surrounded by mountain ranges, Ankara is Turkey’s capital city. It has a rich history as people have been inhabiting the region since the Stone Age! It has been conquered and visited by ancient leaders, such as Roman Augustus, and Alexander the Great from the west, and Seljuks, from the East.

Once a small town, Ankara has grown exponentially since the foundation of the country in 1923. The city is now considered a home to 5,5 million people in 2019. From world-class universities to the hints of authentic Turkish lifestyle, mixed with the government hierarchy, Ankara offers a true four-season experience.

With a population of approximately 1 million, Çankaya is the highest populated district of Ankara, as well as the whole of Turkey. As the community is home to government buildings, the population can reach 2 million during the day. The subway system is highly incorporated into the city life, and you can easily traverse most of the province from Çankaya. Ankara is the second top destination for tourists who come to Turkey for historical wonders. It is right in the center of the country and connected to every major province and more through the railways.


The city now competes with Istanbul and Ankara in popularity, and its touristic attraction alone is enough to keep the province interesting for decades. It endured the conflicts of Turkey’s Independence War in 1922, as well as being founded by the Trojans of 3000 B.C. Izmir is a highly touristic location as well as a city full of villas for private space and small communities. Today, Izmir is a metropolitan city and the third most populous city in Turkey.


Meaning “Fountain” in Persian, Çeşme district of the coastal city is quiet in the morning, and alive at night. It receives the name from the various fountains found around the town left from the Ottoman era. With a population of 20 thousand, the town gets annual tourists just to see the famous Çeşme Castle. It is also possible to travel between Greek Island Chios


There are not many points in the world that has numerous ancient sites, remarkable natural attractions, top-tier outdoor activities, and gorgeous shores like the Aegean region. Kuşadası is located at the center of all these unique attractions and adds its spectacular sceneries to the mix. Some of the popular attractions of its region like Çeşme, Alaçatı, and Didim are close to the district of Aydın. Greece's Samos island is just a boat ride away from the area.

Not only it receives almost as much as Antalya province alone, Kuşadası is famous for more uncharted forests and a national park than Antalya. It is visited by Europeans most of the time during the summer, and generally left alone during the other seasons. It is one of the rare locations where the weather may never see below zero during winter, but it may also experience high wind chills during Fall and Spring. Kuşadası is the most popular holiday destination in Turkey thanks to the large cruise lines that take tourists to the nearby ancient sites. Yet, it has many more bonuses up its sleeve when it comes to activities.

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