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Why Turkey Is the Ideal Holiday Destination For Families?

Based on the exchange rates alone, holidays and especially summer vacations are observed to be more than affordable in Turkey than anywhere in the surrounding regions. On this connection point of Asia and Europe, visitors can enjoy all of the hospitality and history that Turkey has to offer on top of the warm beaches or the snowy mountaintops on its scenic beauty of a terrain. 

Turkey offers fantastic historical adventure opportunities at ancient ruins with green terrain throughout the historical Aegean region, where families can enjoy quietness surrounded by mesmerizing terrains and alpine forests, away from the city rush. Turkey’s top 5-star hotels can be found from the slopes of the Marmara region to Eastern Anatolia. From resorts for your family, to the extreme sports fans, there is something for everyone. Turkish tourism has made an excellent effort to remain ahead of the pack for convenience of all.

Camping is an incredible outdoor activity to relieve the hassle of everyday life and enjoy nature wholeheartedly. There are countless amazing camping sites in Turkey thanks to its wonderful nature all around. Cappadocia, Muğla, Balıkesir, Bursa, Hatay, and İzmir are some of the prominent camping cities with secluded camping sites.

image2 Istanbul

The 16 million population living on a city that was founded even before some of the major countries on Earth, might be the hook that pulls you to Turkey. It is admittedly the most famous city in the country, and perhaps the world. The historical importance alone is enough to make it a worthy visit, but the rest of Turkey also deserves your time as much as Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia in Fatih district was first built to be the central cathedral of the Byzantine Empire. Its beauty and design were unmatched in the world, until the Ottoman Empire's capture of Istanbul from the Byzantines. By the orders of Sultan Ahmed the First, a mosque was to be designed on a hill overlooking the Hagia Sophia. This new mosque was to be more glamorous than even Hagia Sophia. Once it completed, the building took over the fame of the city in its mantle. Hagia Sophia was closed for a long time to the public, until recently reopened as a mosque. The two architectural beauties still stand on two hills overlooking one another, and welcome any visitor to Istanbul. 

New Year, as it is around the globe, is a huge celebratory day in Turkey. Istanbul should be on your stop at least once. In a city of 16 million, it is hard to not come across a celebration. You can take a private boat tour with your loved ones, and begin the new year between European and Asian continents as the clock strikes midnight, and fireworks go off from both sides. Beşiktaş in the European coast, and Kadıköy on the Asian coast are known for their amazing sky shows and restaurants with sea view. If you wish to see Beşiktaş’s fireworks from Asia, Üsküdar coast could be a great location. Taksim Square in Beyoğlu district is the stop to be if you wish to begin a new year among crowds of people. The famous Istiklal Street will be full of people, as well as the restaurants surrounding the area.


With its close proximity to Istanbul and the city of Bursa, the Uludağ Ski Centre has become THE winter tourism center in Turkey. A mountain 63 km away from the district, Uludağ is an international spot for ski lovers and every other winter competition. With the height of 2.543 m and professional ski resorts, this mountain is the definitive choice of families during winter break.

The province's main ski center tracks are about 20km long, perfect for the casual winter activities. During the height of winter, snow can reach depths of up to 3m. Being just a short flight or drive from Istanbul, Uludağ is the most popular resort in Turkey and attracts a large number of city dwellers from the Marmara region who enjoy short breaks in the snow. With over twenty tracks available and an entertainment area, Uludağ has made a name for itself as the perfect all-inclusive ski holiday resort.

image1 Bodrum

Bodrum is a beautiful town where white Aegean houses dressed with pink bougainvillea flowers looking to blue of Aegean sea under bright, warming sun. It is one of the best holiday destinations in Turkey, it is a town which will have a place in your heart and mind. We are sure that you will find peace, fun, and love in Bodrum. There are many things that make this town so special and we will talk about some of the best things about it.

After a brief beginning with the history of the town, you can enjoy the sea and the sun on the public beaches around the castle. There are many beaches with restaurants and bars behind them so you can have a relaxing day as you wish.

In summer, Bodrum gets full of local and foreign tourists. Among them, there are many artists and musicians who have a holiday and give concerts in amphitheater. In these times, you can find many art events, theatres, concerts, dance shows and so on... The experience of any event in the ancient amphitheater is something that you will never forget. You can feel the past lives of the town when you are experiencing modern time art events.

Surrounding of Bodrum is as beautiful as the center of the town. You can discover the beautiful nature of Bodrum by boat trips or by a car drive. With a boat trip, you can go to islands and bays around Bodrum, enjoy a day full of sea. Bardakçı Cove is the best one you should experience. When it comes to fall and the winter, Bodrum turns to the quite and sweet town of Aegean sea. Peaceful beaches with soft weather... While Bodrum refreshes itself for the next summer, walking on its beaches and relaxing is the best thing to do during these times.


Antalya is one of the most popular holiday provinces of Turkey. There are many resorts where you can relax, rest, and enjoy the sea and sun. With its developed touristic facilities, you can find exciting and also relaxing activities almost every day you spend in the Mediterranean.

Olympos beach is located on the foothill of the Taurus mountains of Antalya. The area is known with the burning volcanic rocks also called the eternal flame Chimera, where the myth of the legendary monster began. The beach is surrounded by the magnificent beauties of nature. There are so many ancient ruins around if you’d like to visit. It is a bit hippie place for all these reasons but also perfect for getting away from all the stress of city life.

Konyaalti Beach is the biggest and the most famous public beach in Antalya and it is 7 km long sandy beach stretches in front of many hotels, shops, restaurants, beach clubs and malls in the city. You will be amazed by the view of the snowy Taurus Mountains that you will see from Konyaalti Beach. It is interbedded with the city and so easy to reach.

Around Belek district, there are so many beaches where the sea turtles known as Caretta Caretta lay their eggs. These areas are under the protection but many people go on the spots to witness this beautiful event of nature. Seeing baby turtles hatch out from their eggs and run to the sea would make you have emotional moments. 


Among the ruins, Aspendos is the biggest and the most famous one thanks to the amphitheater inside the ancient city. It is the most visited historical site in Antalya. Myra, Kekova, and Simena are the other ancient city ruins that you can visit by a daily tour. In Myra, Saint Nicholas Church which is also known as Santa Claus, is one of the most popular tourist attractions. After visiting Myra, tours will take you to Kekova and to Simena ruins by boat. These ancient cities are sunken ruins. On this part of the tour, you can have so many great views for photos.

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