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Witness Ancient Nature in Modern Patara


Patara is a natural beauty in Mediterranean Turkey, with an 11 km sandy coast. Patara beach is located in a small village called Gelemi in Fethiye. The name of the beach comes from the ancient city called Patara, which is behind the dunes of the beach. The beach and the surrounding area is under protection because it is also a nesting area of sea turtles like Iztuzu beach. There are some facilities which are open in the summer season. The beach is only a mile away from Gelemi village and is perfect if you looking for a small summer trip full of natural scenery and exploring ancient ruins. By the waters of the long beach, you may get to see Caretta-Caretta eggs hatching as you take a swim.

The city of Patara is established close to one of the Mediterranean’s most famous holiday resorts, the district of Kaş, in Antalya. It is also close to Fethiye by Muğla province. Patara beach is a wonder to explore. You will get to experience perfect sunset from the hills overlooking the Mediterranean sea. It is a matchless experience to smell fresh air produced by Pine trees, as you walk on the beach.

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