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Wonderful Scuba Diving Sites in Turkey

Scuba diving is all about exploring the sea and its hidden gems beneath the surface. Sky-clear seas, natural or historical sceneries underwater, and a well-equipped team on your side are the most important prerequisites for a great scuba diving experience. Turkey is rapidly becoming one of the best countries in the world to enjoy this amazing sport.

Turkey is a great country to enjoy scuba diving with its numerous scuba diving sites that promise an unforgettable trip to underwater. In our list for wonderful scuba diving sites in Turkey, you will have a glimpse of Turkey’s rich underwater sceneries that consist of ancient flooded cities, shipwrecks from World War I, natural beauties swarming with corals, sponges and caverns.



Gallipoli was the place for one of the bloodiest battles in World War I when Britain tried to capture İstanbul through Çanakkale Straits in 1915, and its shores are swarming with the remnants of the war.  Scuba diving in Gallipoli offers a unique way to discover these war remnants as well as many other natural beauties.



Bodrum is one of the most popular summer destinations of Turkey and also offers an unforgettable scuba diving experience to its visitors with more than 20 diving sites. Bodrum has a lively sea life filled with tunas, moray eels, barracuda, and octopus that always delivers an unforgettable underwater journey to its visitors.



Antalya, especially its Kaş and Kalkan districts, are home to many top-tier scuba diving sites filled with underwater caves, canyons, reefs, corals, and an Ottoman shipwreck you can discover thoroughly. These two districts are one of the best destinations in the world you can participate in scuba diving with amazing natural sceneries both under and above water.



Kuşadası is a popular Aegean district that is located in Aydın, in the most western part of Turkey. In Kuşadası, you can enjoy a variety of scuba diving sites that are closely located to each other. The district is known for its crystal-clear waters and offers amazing opportunities to discover its varied marine life including a former coastal ship that is now blooming with underwater life all around.



Underwater life in Çeşme is colorful, full of amazing creatures, and clear as the sky. It is possible for you to enjoy scuba diving in Çeşme with various top-tier scuba diving centers and have a blast while interacting with underwater creatures.

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