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  • Step 1
    Choose a property worth minimum $400,000 USD before taxes.
  • Step 2
    Pay by bank transfer to Turkish Banks, either through a local bank account or foreign.
  • Step 3
    Receive your passport in 3 Months.
  • Step 4
    You can not sell the property for 3 years.

Following an amendment that has come into force on 19 September 2018 and regulated in June 2021, foreigners who purchase or invest in a property worth a minimum of $400,000 USD can acquire Turkish Citizenship. There are specific points to be considered when purchasing the property.

  • The property’s tax excluded price must be at least 400,000 USD. These tax returns are filed every four years, and the rates range between %0.1-0.3.

  • Even though the payment is made in USD, the price will be in Turkish Lira on the title deed. The exchange rate will be according to the current day’s effective selling rate of official Turkish Central Bank.

  • The Title Deed (TAPU) is a legal document executed and acknowledged under the government seal and in the presence of an official authority. It evidences the right of ownership to a property. 

  • Therefore, the title deed owner and the citizenship applicant must be the same person.

  • The purchased property must be from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish company established in Turkey. Properties bought from foreigners will not be acceptable.

  • The payment must be done via bank transfer exclusively from foreigners’ personal bank account to the sellers bank account and both sellers and buyers bank receipts documented and stamped by the relevant banks will be required in order to prove that the bank transfer is made. If you have a bank account in a Turkish bank, you can make the transfer from that account as well.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship ?
Benefits of Turkish Citizenship Program
  • Visa-free travel to 115 countries, including to 26 Schengen Zone ones.
  • World’s 40th Best Passport with a mobility score of 121!
  • Passport valid and renewable up to 10 Years.
  • Dual-Citizenship is allowed. You can keep your previous passport.
  • Universal Health Care for life to all the family.
  • Free primary education and University access.
  • A free finance system that cares about privacy.
  • Lira is the most tempting exchange rate in the region. You might receive multiples worth of your money in Turkish Liras.
  • No military service is required
  • No name change required for citizenship.
  • A rich history in every corner. Turkey is founded on one of the oldest civilizations in the world.
  • A welcoming and diverse community to be a part of a proud nation.
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