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I allow TURKEY REALESTATE to contact me through my personal e-mail address and phone number so that he can find the house I am looking for and recommend it to me.

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    What are you looking for?
    Topics such as your budget, the size and max number of rooms of the house, the location, as well as the future usage of the property. Need of a property for investment or as a home plays an important role in the decision making process.
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    Leave It to Us
    Our team is both skilled and experienced in Research. Your requirements will play an important part on us to filter and find the best possible choices. Our professional consultants will be assisting you during the evaluation process of possible locations.
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    The Buying Process
    The final, longest, but perhaps the easiest step. You can make a full refundable deposit from any of your international bank accounts, or through your Turkish accounts (if you have one). Do not pay through a third party, and directly deposit the money to the developer’s account. Complete projects require cash payments, under construction projects present a longer payment plan with installment payments.