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For Investment, Tourism & Real Estate, Which Turkish City is Profitable?

Real estate investment in Turkey provides a profitable return on investment, based on the attractive power of tourism, which is most evident in tourist periods and seasons, through the demand for rental homes during those seasons distributed throughout the year. The investment studied in real estate, which is highly sought after during the tourism season in Turkey, can provide an encouraging profit, and a good return on investment.

The various attractions that pull people to Turkey, from a wonderful climate, top of their class universities, a promising economy, a huge real estate market, and many beaches and historical landmarks drawing tourists from different parts of the world to it, all this makes the investment and residence in Turkey a winning option and ideal by all standards.

Real estate is the most powerful way and the most prominent factor to strengthen the link between the investor and the Turkish labor market. Commercial real estate creates a new additional resource, as all investors wish to have multiple sources of income, in addition to buying a property in Turkey, and staying in it makes the investor pursue his affairs and opportunities. Similarly, the fact that the property helps secure regular residence in an important country like Turkey, through the laws in force and effect.

Every Province Offers Something Unique

Istanbul, with its 16 million population is almost its own country in the 80 million population of Turkey. Through the roots on two different continents, Istanbul is home to many districts that are not just historically and culturally, but naturally beautiful districts.

Dating back to the ancient world, Istanbul was the capital of the Roman Empire as well as the Byzantine Empire. Even though it was also the capital of the Ottoman Empire, after the Republic of Turkey was established, the capital moved to Ankara. Istanbul is a unique city known for being home to many historic landscapes and being located in both Europe and Asia continents. 


In one of the most luxurious districts of Istanbul, Ataşehir offers comfort and security for your family through 4+2 apartments, ranging from 156m2 to 240m2 in sizes. The right 200m2 4+2 apartment located near the new Finance Center could be yours for the price of $169.200.

Apartments for sale in Kadıköy, populated by mostly young people, and known for its 24/7 alive community, can reach prices more than 3 Million USD. A massive 337m2 apartment with 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms with the view of the Marmara sea and Prince Islands is one of our hottest projects with a price of 3.061.800 USD. Those who wish to own an apartment residence to hit their Citizenship requirement can find plenty of options that start from 266.100 USD to Mid-500 thousand USDs, or higher with plenty of rooms for the comfort of your whole family.

Right in the center of Şişli district, a magnificent 3+3 apartment is on sale for 3.061.900 USD. In this 260 m2 palace at the top floor of the 39-floor skyscraper, you will get to have a unique view of Istanbul from every room of your house. It comes with building security, fitness centers, and a Bosphorus view. In this residence, you will reach anywhere in the city through many transportation methods available right in front of your apartment, including highways that connect to the edges of the city.

In Maltepe, there is a beautiful 3+1 apartment for sale for the price of 255.200 USD. In this apartment building, you will get to wake up to the smell of the Marmara Sea on your private terrace and have the Prince Islands on your sight forever.

Those who put their privacy first can find the right villa in Sarıyer district. A massive 6+2 mansion is built on a 550m2, and it comes with its private garden area. While the villa is priced at 1.693.300 USD, It comes with building security, a private pool, and a great community.


The city of Istanbul is one of the rare cities situated between two continents, consists of 9 islands, 39 districts, 647 kilometers coastline length, with a population of 15 million. The city is famous for its varied buildings. It has 1792 historical places, 28 palaces, 91 museums, 93 Turkish baths, 712 hotels, 28.650 restaurants, 49 universities, 36 libraries, 227 theatre halls, and 882 movie theaters. It also provides a developed transport system with 2 airports, 28 ships, 50 scaffolding and 233 kilometers of rail transport. Istanbul is an international attraction for tourists. In 2018, 13.433.101 tourists visited this beautiful and historical city from all across the world.

The 16 million population living in a city that was founded even before some of the major countries on Earth, might be the hook that pulls you to Turkey. It is admittedly the most famous city in the country, and perhaps the world. The historical importance alone is enough to make it a worthy living location, but the rest of Turkey also deserves your research as much as Istanbul.


Surrounded by mountain ranges, Ankara is Turkey’s capital city. It has a rich history as people have been inhabiting the region since the Stone Age! It has been conquered, and visited by ancient leaders, such as Roman Augustus, and Alexander the Great from the west, and Seljuks, from the East. Once a small town, Ankara has grown exponentially since the foundation of the country in 1923 and is now racing with Istanbul in terms of city development. Ankara had a population of 75 thousand in 1927, but the city grew much faster than anticipated over the decades. The city is now considered as home to 5,5 million people in 2019. 

With a population of approximately 1 million, Çankaya is the highest populated district of Ankara, as well as the whole of Turkey. As the community is home to government buildings, the population can reach to 2 million during the day. The subway system is highly incorporated into the city life, and you can easily traverse most of the province from Çankaya. Ankara is the second top destination for tourists who come to Turkey for historical wonders. It is right in the center of the country and connected to every major province and more through the railways.


The city offers plenty of affordable houses with a large number of rooms in competitive pricing with those that stay around 2+1 or 3+1 range. In the capital of Turkey, you can purchase multiple apartments around the 100.000 USD price range, where you can leave them for future investment opportunities, or to gain your Turkish Citizenship once their collective sum of worth is higher than $250.000. For 102.100 USD, there is a 4+2 apartment ready for you to move-in! This 192m2 beauty offers comfort for your whole family with the view of the city.

If you wish to hit the required amount for citizenship with a single, and luxurious purchase, a 4+2 residential project on the size of 250m2 is available for 275.600 USD. 


The heart of Turkish summer tourism, Muğla has been an attraction since ancient times. Although it has a population of 938 thousand, the whole province receives more than double that number as tourists. It is home to the popular beach towns like Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris with gorgeous seas. It also has its airport for easy travel. It is possible to find leftovers of ancient civilizations on every part of Muğla. While these regions are known for their private properties like Villas and summer houses, apartments are slowly becoming more and more common closer to the downtown districts.

As the coastal city right by the junction of Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, Marmaris is a highly visited location for sailing fanatics who visit the coves in the region. Marmaris is home to plenty of luxury hotels that welcome millions of tourists every year. It is chosen for its warm weather all year round, especially during early summer. Travelers often stop by Marmaris for a yachting trip, either to visit the uncharted beaches, or to experience the beauty of Marmaris’ Coves


For those who enjoy the nightlife, the town is also known for its incredibly attractive bars. There is a place for everyone. A 150m2 3+2 apartment is available in Marmaris for sale at the 124.000 USD price tag. This residential unit offers a life in a tight-knit community and a private pool for the apartment building. The project is in a secluded area where you will be able to live among nature in the modern city of Marmaris. Another 3+2 apartment is available in Marmaris of similar sizes, yet for sale at the 124.000 USD price tag. This residential unit offers a life in a tight-knit community and a private pool for the apartment building. The project is in a secluded area where you will be able to live among nature in the modern city of Marmaris.

Home to a castle that carries the district’s name, Bodrum is a developed town that benefits from the history and sea tourism, as well as the alive nightlife. The district is a frequent stop for sailing fans for its beautiful and modern ports. One of the World Wonders, the Mausoleum used to stand on the land. 


A 3+2 apartment on sale for 350.000 USD in the ancient, historical, yet highly alive city of Bodrum will offer you the privacy you seek by bringing the Aegean Sea right by your feet. This unit is 150m2 and comes with its terrace, as well as Air Conditioning for those hot summer weeks.

Those who seek a smaller option in Bodrum with a more affordable price can find an 85m2 apartment building with a 2+1 setup. This luxurious apartment building offers a wonderful view of the Bodrum's Aegean coasts, as well as some of the historical locations at the comfort of your house. This location is on sale for 167.700 USD.



For a country with 81 provinces, Turkey is not defined by the metropolis that is Istanbul. Every inch of land outside the mega-city offers an equally worthy investment opportunity as the Bosphorus. There are more cities like Antalya, Çanakkale, Eskişehir, Trabzon, and Izmir where tourism, as well as the young population, thrives on every year, that can be considered for your investment options. You can always contact us for more information on your investments. Our agents at Turkey Real Estate are ready to help you on your investment journey.

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