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The Largest and Most Beautiful Lake Of Uzungöl in Trabzon

There are few countries that can offer a variety of top-tier natural attractions such as Turkey. Turkey is swarming with many unique natural wonders which you can encounter in almost every part of the country. Uzungöl is one of these places with spectacular special sceneries that are sure to amaze its visitors and is located in the northwestern part of Turkey, in Trabzon.


Things to Know About the Amazing Uzungöl

Uzungöl is literally translated as “Long Lake” in Turkish and Uzungöl is named after its spectacular lake which is situated in the center of the village. Uzungöl is known for its captivating beauty, lovely atmosphere, and remarkable outdoor activities. 

uzungol2 Uzungöl is 1100 meters above from the sea level and its water is sweet. There are no written records about the lake and people living around it until 1643 but geological evidence suggest that Uzungöl was formed approximately six centuries ago in an event of a landslide. In 1643, Uzungöl and its surrounding area were home to 26 families according to Ottoman tax records. Today, Uzungöl is a well-preserved tourism attraction with its amazing lake, cultural atmosphere, trekking routes, bird-watching spots, botanical tours, and thrilling outdoor activities.

Tourism in Uzungöl

Uzungöl delivers an unforgettable journey to its visitors with its unique attractions and visited by many international tourists every year. In Uzungöl, you can participate in various natural activities such as paragliding above Uzungöl. Paragliding in Uzungöl offers unforgettable sceneries to its participants and you can record your experience with a given handheld camera. It is also possible for you to join trekking tours and camping trips in Uzungöl where you can relieve a year’s stress in a captivating tranquil atmosphere with bird and water sounds all around.

Besides these natural activities, you can have a trip to the village and its surroundings. In the village, you can wander around the narrow streets of Uzungöl accompanied by the sceneries of old wooden houses; have a glimpse of locals’ conventional village life, enjoy traditional authentic recipes in local restaurants and buy traditional Uzungöl souvenirs for your loved ones. There are also many top-tier boutique hotels around Uzungöl.

How to Get There?uzungol3 

Uzungöl is located 99 kilometers away from Trabzon, and 19 kilometers away from its district Çaykara. The most convenient way to reach Uzungöl is via private car since the roads are in good condition and the public transportation is not very frequent. You can use public buses located in Değirmendere district of Trabzon and hop into them to reach Uzungöl at any time of the year. 

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