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Turkey as a Potential EU Member and How Would Tourism be Effected by Membership.

The European Union is the name for the economic cooperation between the countries that signed the Treaty of Rome. Ever since its announcement in 1993, the EU member countries have gone through rapid growth and joined in cooperation.

The EU was first founded by the six countries that formed the European Economic Community (EEC). The Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, and Germany were the initial members, while the community now has 27 members across the continent.


European Union opened up the trading and borders between member countries, which helped the countries strengthen the bonds with each other under a single currency; Euro. Through the EU, borders within the member countries are lifted for their citizens, and opened free travel, living, and work throughout most of the continent.

The main benefits of the EU is the respect for human rights, including an individual’s right to dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, and the rule of law. What began as a purely economic union has evolved into a larger organization spanning most governmental policy areas.


What can Turkey Offer to a Potential EU Membership?
Turkey's 82 million population is one of the youngest populations in the region. While the EU is slowly falling back on the workforce, Turkey could help the production line and boost the Euro further than it already is right now.


Turkish as a language may be hard to add to the European curriculum. Yet Turkey's usage of the Latin alphabet, and plenty of borrowed words from other Angelo-Saxon linguistics has made the Turkish the perfect candidate for any curious EU citizens. Through the open borders, Turkish could mix into the daily EU life, while the languages of 27 members could create new job lines in the country, and help new people meet one another. Turkey's rich ancient history in literature, and other social studies offers plenty of options for anyone who wishes to feel closer to the past. While modern Turkish is relatively new, the origin of the phonetics in the langue reaches thousands of years B.C. The country has preserved great literature examples that could potentially shape the world one day, if enough people see interest.

What Can the EU Benefit from Accepting Turkey as a member?
Free travel would open new doors for both sides. While both sides have a massive ancient historical background, Turkey's history is unmatched. The nation shares most of the ancient history with Greece, yet both sides are unable to experience the ruins of those times since the artifacts are scattered on the two countries of the Aegean Sea. Many of the Greek Islands on the Aegean are closer to mainland Turkey than to Greece mainland, yet the citizens must go through a painful and long visa process to travel 5 minutes on a boat.


As more people interact with one another, the two sides could see more influx of new citizens. Joining the EU could help Turkey boost real estate, and other property sales, as well as have more investments in the country, while the members of the EU can settle in the country through an easier process.

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