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Antalya's Tourism Sector is Ready to Welcome the 2021 Season!

According to the research by the Turkish Ministry of Turkey, the southern province has welcomed 3.37 million tourists between January 1st - November 26th, 2020. Russians continue to be the number one guests of Antalya with 1.5 million visitors.

Visited by 32 percent of the 49 million foreign tourists in 2018, Antalya has over 500 4-star and 5-star hotels in its center and surrounding towns such as Kemer, Belek, and Kaş. Belek district by itself manages to attract 2 million foreign tourists through its beautiful beaches, ancient history, as well as adventure sports.

Antalya is one of the most popular holiday provinces of Turkey. There are many resorts where you can relax, rest, and enjoy the sea and sun. With its developed touristic facilities, you can find exciting and also relaxing activities almost every day you spend in the Mediterranean. For those who prefer a private villa to stay near the most popular beaches or among hidden coves, Antalya offers various property options. The province is famous for its high valued real estate and investment options thanks to the tourism industry.

kaş villa

Hidden among a green nature with the view of the Mediterranean Sea, a 4 Room 510 m2 Villa For Sale in Kaş district, could be your next destination.

muratpaşa apartment antalya

For those who want a closer stay to the thriving downtown life of Antalya, another 4 Room 195 m2 Apartment For Sale in Muratpaşa district. The Apartment building is nearby the beaches of Antalya.

muratpaşa 120açı

On the 9th floor of a 10-floor apartment in Muratpaşa, this property will offer the privacy of a villa with a 120-degree view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It is a 3 Room 130 m2 Apartment For Sale in the district.

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