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Moving to Turkey with Your Partner. Challenges and Happiness

Moving is always a challenge. Even if you move within your home country, it means new friends, new jobs, and new everything. At least there will be some form of familiarity. When you move to a new country, it is everything mentioned, with extra difficulties. A new language to learn, new cuisine to get used to, unfamiliar streets to get lost in, and a unique culture to adapt to. Luckily, you are moving with someone. Perhaps following on their lead and leaving everything you know behind.

Plan Ahead
Never just make a life-changing choice before you are sure you will be okay at the end. Unless you are from another Turkic country, learning Turkish should be your first move before you travel across borders. Learning Turkish, even if its simple greetings and sentences, will help you get rid of post-move scares easily. It will help you adjust within the communities, and shop without thinking you are getting robbed. Luckily, Turkey has a long history of media such as books, cult-classic movies, and songs that will help you. Comics, for example, has a long publication history that will help you learn new and short phrases. While some Turkish people know English, and most shops and restaurant staff can speak fluently, do not trust yourself in a second language.

Apply for jobs beforehand. If you are moving to Turkey because of your partner's work and leaving your career overseas, it is better if you find your job line in Turkey. While some work is prohibited for foreigners (such as medical professions), office work, staff members, are language teachers among those popular with foreigners. Ask your partner for guidance as well. If they are not willing to help you in your future, perhaps think back for a second.

Culture-shock and Making Friends
You have moved into your new property. Perhaps you are a hermit and don't leave your house much, so making friends is not your top priority. You might get bored eventually. Therefore, make sure you at least introduce yourself to your co-workers and perhaps post on local forums to interact with people. Depending on just your spouse may make your relationship harder. Don't forget that they also left everything behind and they need their adjustment period of living in Turkey.

You moved to Turkey perhaps permanently, and this country has endless ways of keeping you entertained. Nightlife in large cities in Ankara, Istanbul, or the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are always alive, so get out and learn from first-hand experience. Turkey is quite famous for its sailing clubs, art workshops, and photography clubs. Who knows, maybe you will find a new favourite hobby.

Culture-shock is perhaps what most people find it difficult to adjust to. You may have learned about the Turkish lifestyle from watching hit TV series like Soap Operas and period dramas. The first thing you will find out when you land is that not everyone lives in riches by the shores of Bosphorus on a luxury villa. There are no more Sultans in Turkey, but you can still visit all their magnificent palaces! While eastern provinces of inner Anatolia in Turkey still live with strict cultural values, western cities like Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, and of course Istanbul is an absolute western destination.

When visiting someone’s house, whether it is a regular visit or not, the Turks bring gifts to the house they are visiting. The type of gifts they bring changes according to the person they are visiting or the reason for the visit.

With a total population of 81 million people, and Istanbul housing 16 million of it alone, seeing large numbers of people can be intimidating even if you also come from a large city. At the same time, the larger population creates more opportunities to meet new people, finding new locations for a getaway or a new hangout spot.

Driving in Turkey's largest city and center locations may look like finding your way in a forest. You may encounter lots of reckless drivers and some careless pedestrians even. Turkey's big cities are in a sense that no one cares about the rules. Be ready for unexpected lane changing and be careful around large vehicles like trucks and busses.

Turkish people can leave whatever they are doing to help someone who is in need. It could be as simple as giving directions to someone but they could change their mind and take you with them if they are going toward that direction as well. If you are hurt or injured, they immediately run to your help.

No matter whether in budget or an expensive manner, Turks love to celebrate their wedding parties. They love to enjoy their good times and invite their family and friends to increase the joy of their celebrations. They also summons foreigner real estate investors at their wedding parties to double their party blasts. However, if you don’t know about Turkish customs and traditions, we have the full guide to help you in our blog.

Above were some bits and pieces of different cultural changes you may experience in Turkey. At the end of the day, you are never alone, if you move with your partner. They may have their problems to keep them busy, be it in work or friend circles. Just remember that you also have your own life in this new country. You should get out (hopefully after the coronavirus is gone) and find your problems to fix, favourite Turkish food, a secluded place to be alone, and a favourite shop or bar to hang out with your new friends. This is a country with an ancient history, home to more than 81 million people. It will be difficult to say "I have nothing to do."

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