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The Riviera of Turkey - Aegean and the Mediterranean Coasts

The coastal towns of Turkey are known for its touristic ancient destinations, warm weather and beaches, and delicious food. Yet, people often skip over just how many others live in these regions in the off-season. Cities like Bodrum and Marmaris still attract millions of tourists off-season. Cities like Izmir and Antalya are renowned for their quality education. While the former cities have about 7 million population combined, the young generation makes most of the people living in them. In Antalya alone, 19 million tourists have visited in 2018.

Coastal towns of Turkey are the perfect getaway spot for those who are bored of the concrete jungle that is Istanbul. There are plenty of summer houses that are being rented during the off-season for those who wish to experience a glimpse of summer in winter times, as cities like Fethiye and Kuşadası rarely go below zero degrees Celcius in colder seasons. As coronavirus pushes people to stay away from one another, the value of these districts will only go up.


A calmer district of Muğla province in the Aegean, there are many ancient city ruins inside and around the town. Some of them are still in use for events like concerts but the first historical monument of Bodrum you should see is its castle. St. Peters' Castle is in the middle of the town and has a museum inside called Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology. In this museum, you can see the many artifacts used during the trade belonging to Ionian times and ancient Greek times.


You can enjoy the sea and the sun on the public beaches around the famous castle that carries the district's name. There are many beaches with restaurants and bars behind them so you can have a relaxing day as you wish.

Don't get us wrong when we call Bodrum a calm district. It is only quiet in the morning, because the night population is taking a good rest after a night out. When the sun sets, Bodrum becomes alive and loud. Due to the developed tourism, it has one of the best night clubs in the south of Turkey. Halikarnas is the most popular for its restaurants. However, the town is full of nightclubs. We are sure that you will find the perfect spot for your needs.


In summer, Bodrum gets full of local and foreign tourists. In the season, you can find many art events, theatres, concerts, dance shows, and so much more! The experience of any event in the ancient amphitheater is something that you will never forget. You can feel the past lives of the town when you are experiencing modern time art events.


Perhaps the most famous summer tourism destination, Antalya is one of the most popular holiday provinces of Turkey. There are many resorts where you can relax, rest, and enjoy the sea and sun. With its developed touristic facilities, you can find exciting and also relaxing activities almost every day you spend in the Mediterranean. Visited by 32 percent of the 49 million foreign tourists in 2018, Antalya has over 500 4-star and 5-star hotels in its center and surrounding towns such as Kemer, Belek, and Kaş. Belek district by itself manages to attract 2 million foreign tourists through its beautiful beaches, ancient history, as well as adventure sports.

Konyaaltı is home to the biggest and the most famous public beach in Antalya. Its 7 km long sandy beach stretches in front of many hotels, shops, restaurants, beach clubs, and malls in the city. You will be amazed by the view of the snowy Taurus Mountains that you will see from Konyaalti Beach.


As the most western district of Antalya, Kaş is a highly touristic location for being surrounded by ancient civilizations such as Apollonia, and Kyaenai. Kaş receives a great deal of summer tourism. Still, it is not difficult to see non-locals every season, since Kaş is one of the rare locations in Turkey to never see below 0 Celsius weather all year round. Patara beach is a wonder to explore. You will get to experience a perfect sunset from the hills overlooking the Mediterranean sea. It is a matchless experience to smell fresh air produced by Pine trees, as you walk on the beach.


The calmer point of Antalya, Kemer was home to many ancient civilizations before and now protects their leftover cultural heritage. The Ancient City of Olympus, as well as the Chimera Stone, are located here. While the district shares the climate with the rest of the Mediterranean coasts, it is possible to see snow on the top of the Toros mountains surrounding the region.

Why Turkish Riviera for a Holiday?


For a country with 81 provinces divided into 7 regions, Turkey is not defined by the metropolis that is Istanbul. Every inch of land outside the mega-city offers an equally worthy experience as the Bosphorus. Some of the cities mentioned above are the birthplaces of so many Greek heroes. Even stopping for a moment during a cross-country car ride to breathe in the air at them is enough to appreciate their beauty.

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