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What You Need to Know about the Turkish Wedding Traditions And Customs

Have you got an invitation to a Turkish wedding immediately after moving to turkey? It could be a traditional Turkish affair or a modern marriage ceremony. Else, it can be a wedding ceremony of an international couple, willing for the resident permits. Do you have an idea about Turkish wedding traditions and customs? If not, no need to worry about traditions in Turkey because you are not alone. We will guide you with what you should wear and how to attend weddings in Turkey. 

There are plenty of traditions, and so every Turkish wedding may not follow the same traditional methods. The way of the wedding celebration depends on a budget of the wedding couple. No matter whether in budget or an expensive manner, Turks love to celebrate their wedding parties. They love to enjoy their good times and invite their family and friends to increase the joy of their celebrations. They also summons foreigner real estate investors at their wedding parties to double their party blasts. However, if you don’t know about Turkish customs and traditions, the guidelines below will help you. 

Bride and Groom’s Upbringing at Turkish Wedding

image3 People belonging to different regions celebrate their wedding in different ways. Turks also celebrate their wedding ceremonies most traditionally and enjoyably. Though many Turks are opting for modern wedding practices, still some traditions are common in Turkish wedding. The upbringing of the bride and groom is one of the most following Turkish cultures at a wedding ceremony.

In Turkish weddings traditionally the couple celebrates three days of the marriage. Especially in small villages or communities, the Turk couples enjoy three days of the wedding. During these days, the women of the family make the food for the guests. The friends and family of the couple play traditional musical instruments to make the ceremony memorable for the couple. Everyone in the ceremony dance together to make the wedding interesting for the guests. 

Some couples, from the large cities, only celebrate the marriage night and the reception on the next day. The groom’s family serve the food and refreshment to the guest. They commemorate the official cake cutting ceremony and receive gifts from the guests. The band plays Turkish music, and the couple leaves for honeymoon to any beautiful place like turquoise coast.

Religious Traditions in a Turkish Wedding


If you get an invitation for a Turkish wedding, accept it. You will surely enjoy marriage in Turkey. In the traditional Islamic Turkish wedding, an Imam comes at the house. In a religious ceremony, the Imam recites few verses of Muslims’ Holy Book and then perform Nikah in the presence of two witnesses. The groom and bride show their acceptance and sign agreement to marry. The families celebrate by distributing sweets to the guests, and the band plays music. People dance and celebrate the new couple. Women offer different types of traditional foods to the guests just like the engagement ceremony. 

Henna Nightimage4 

The night before the wedding party, girls celebrate the Henna night. On this event, the bride wears a red gown and cover her head with Kina Gecesi. The female friends and the bride's family participate in the occasion. The girls sing Gelin alma song for the bride and share their best memories. You can learn some Turkish words from any travel guide and say something unique to the bride. Later, the bride wears a traditional outfit called ‘Bindalli.’ The female friends dance and celebrate the event. 

 During the Henna night, the female friends also put Henna on the bride's hand. The females make different designs on their hands with Henna and apply turmeric mixed paste on the bride's body. In some families, Bride's friends celebrate the hen party and give a shower to the bride.

Turkish Traditional Car Convoy


If you have Turkish property, you will surely witness a Groom car convoy around your neighbourhood, celebrating for fetching the bride. It is a traditional practice that the groom brings his family to the home of the bride in a car convoy. The groom decorates his car with fresh flowers and other decoration stuff. Guests join the Convoy to ride around the streets and continue the journey to the bride's home.

On the way, children block the roads and dance to show their happiness and get money from their elders. After the children and friends enjoy drumming and pipes, the groom drives to the bride’s home. The couple gets into the legal relationship through Nikah. Finally, the family brings the bride to the groom’s house in a car convoy and live happily ever after. Some of the Turk families arrange a reception for the new couple on the next day of the wedding. On the day of the greeting, the bride and groom meet the guests and offer delicious foods to them.  

Turkish Wedding Guest Dresses

Are you going to the Turkish wedding first time? Are you worried about what to wear? If you are going to a remote Turkish wedding, you must opt for smart attire. Otherwise, the men can wear a suit and women can wear anything of their choice. In most of the traditional Turkish weddings, the female wears long maxi style dresses.

image1 Wedding Gifts

Are you unaware of the Turkish wedding customs and searching for the buyer guide of Turkish wedding ceremony gifts? Relax and forget about purchasing kettle, toaster, or other expensive items for the new couple. In Turkish traditions, the guests do not offer costly gifts to the couple. After the couple has signed the marriage documents, the guests place the ribbon around the necks of the wedding couple.

In wealthy families, the close guests give gold coins or jewelry to the new couple. Some of the guests pin money to the fabric as Turkish wedding gifts. Otherwise, if you are willing you gift something, a chocolate box with flowers is the best option. 

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