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Turkey is one of the best countries to enjoy for culinary enthusiastic people with various authentic recipes, especially its worldly-renowned desserts that are ready to overwhelm you with their unique tastes. Each of them has its own interesting origin stories which also reflect Turkey’s age-old traditions as well as its culinary customs. We listed 9 of Turkey’s most delicious sweets and desserts for you right below.  

image5 Baklava

Baklava is your must-try dessert in Turkey that consists of thin sheets of dough, chopped nuts or pistachios that are soaked in sweet sugar syrup. Baklava sometimes served with Turkish ice cream or “kaymak” in different parts of Turkey. Gaziantep, a city in the southeastern part of Turkey, is the place where you can enjoy the best traditionally-made Turkish baklava. Traditionally, Turkish people buy or make each other on special occasions such as weddings, visits, and various celebrations.


Lokum, the Turkish Delight

There are some desserts in the world that become synonym with the country they are originated, and “Lokum” is that sweet treat for Turkey. Starch and sugar are the main ingredients for Lokum but it can come in countless tastes, flavors, and colors. People in Anatolia have been making Lokum since the 15th century, but it got widely popular during the 17th century in the Ottoman Empire.



Culinary customs in Turkey are highly integrated to its social life and “Aşure”, or Noah’s pudding, is one of the most delicious desserts of these customs. Aşure is made with various vegetables, grains, fresh and dried fruits; it is a religious and social tradition to share your Aşure with friends, family, and fellow neighbors.



Sütlaç is a Turkish style rice pudding and is one of the most popular desserts of the country with several recipes that are authentic for different parts in the country.



Various culinary conventions of different cultures find its unique place in Turkey and “Künefe” is one of the most delicious examples of this rule. Künefe is a widely popular sweet in some of the Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Jordan, or Syria. Turkish Künefe consists of cheese, shredded dough, sugar, cream or ice cream, and pistachios.  


Kaymaklı Dondurma, the Turkish Ice Cream

Dairy products hold great importance for the Turkish kitchen and there are numerous authentic Turkish recipes made with milk from various animals. “Dondurma” is highly different from the ones in Western countries in Turkey since it is made from goat milk accompanied by flavors of a flower, “sahlep”. Kahramanmaraş is the worldly-recognized city of Turkey that the famous Turkish ice cream is originated from.


Tavuk Göğsü

“Tavuk Göğsü” is an extraordinary Turkish dessert that was served to the Ottoman Sultans for centuries. Tavuk Göğsü is made with milk, sugar, rice flour, and chicken breasts and has been made in Anatolia since the Roman Empire.



“Kazandibi” is a milk pudding that has a burnt bottom from caramelized sugar and is one of the most popular authentic Turkish dessert you can encounter in many cafés, restaurants, and shops. 



“Lokma” is the crunchy, usually walnut-sized, fried-dough sweet of Turkey. It is customary to hand out freshly-made Lokma when someone beloved dies or to bring luck in a newly-opened business in various parts of Turkey.

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