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Top Things to Do in Kalkan: An Amazing Mediterranean Coastal District of Turkey

Kalkan is the beautiful yet underrated district of the southwestern part of Antalya that shines with its spectacular shores, colorful atmosphere, and remarkable architectural texture all around. The district attracts many loyal international and local tourists every year thanks to its unique attributes. Kalkan is also home for many international expats and people that create a unique social and cultural life in the district. In summers, tourists outnumber these locals greatly since Kalkan has many fascinating outdoor summer activities and remarkable natural attractions.


Unique Architectural Texture of Kalkan

Kalkan is an amazing small district to discover with its remarkable architectural style that is dominantly colored in white. The district represents a unique mixture of traditional Greek and Ottoman architecture with many buildings that also retain a subtle modern look. This unique architectural texture of Kalkan is under the protection of Turkish law in order to protect its heritage.


Top Things to Do in Kalkan

There are not many places in the world that has numerous ancient sites, remarkable natural attractions, top-tier outdoor activities, and gorgeous shores like the southwestern part of Turkey. Kalkan is located at the center of all these unique attractions and adds its own spectacular sceneries to the mix. Some of the popular attractions of its region like Patara beach, Fethiye, Kayaköy, Ölüdeniz, Kaş, or Dalaman are closely located to Kalkan. 

Kalkan attracts many international tourists every year thanks to its fascinating but somehow secluded attractions. The district is known for its great scuba diving facilities where you can discover Kekova sunken ancient city in underwater as well as engage with colorful marine life.

In Kalkan, you can also enjoy its gorgeous coastline. Its coastline has plenty of boutique hotels that are considered as some of the best in Turkey. You can visit Kaputaş shore which is located in the southern part of the district with its sky-clear waters.


Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean culinary is influenced by both western and eastern countries around its sphere of influence. Renowned Mediterranean cuisine is delicious with its unique kitchen traditions with high-quality ingredients. Kalkan is not an exception to this tradition and its authentic recipes mostly consist of famous Turkish olive oil. There are top-notch local and international restaurants in Kalkan that serve fresh authentic recipes. In Kalkan, you can enjoy a variety of tasty seafood dishes, Mediterranean recipes, and gourmet restaurants.


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