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Mobile Apps to Help You in Turkey - Food, Travels, Public Transit, and Health

Although getting lost in a new country could be the dream adventure you are looking for, Turkey is too big of a country to lose yourself on. Istanbul alone is populated by 16 million people, scattered on TWO different continents. No other city on Earth could give you an experience to step into two different continents in less than 5 minutes. Istanbul's transportation system could confuse you and feel like you are trapped inside a maze. That is why it is recommended that you download offline maps on your smartphone before stepping outside your hotel room. Here are some app recommendations for the whole country.

Google Maps; The most famous application in the world that comes with an offline download option. You can download the districts you plan your trip on, and Google will show you all the points of interest around, as well as simple entertainment and food places. Google Maps covers all 81 provinces of Turkey.

YemekSepeti; Perhaps you are barely waking up from your jet-lagged sleep, or you traveled for so long the other night that you missed your hotel's meal hours. YemekSepeti is a food-delivery app that operates on all the provinces, where you can search for that perfect Turkish meal that will be delivered to your hotel. On the app, you can not only order food, but also adjust restaurants based on their delivery quality, speed, and deliciousness, and read and leave comments.

Getir; A delivery app that you can order anything you may need in your daily life and you will have it on the same day, perhaps even in minutes or hours of your order. From grocery ingredients, to charging cables, and other basic needs, Getir can bring it to you. They work in Istanbul, IIzmir, Ankara, Bursa and Kocaeli at the moment.

BanaBi; This is a side-app of YemekSepeti that you can order dessert and drink-related items. You can reach the application inside the YemekSepeti app.

Yandex Maps; Another map application with an offline download option. Yandex seems to be more accurate on the traffic information it provides, so this app might be for you if you wish to travel by your car instead of public transportation.

BiTaksi; You can call a taxi to your location through this app. You can also see how many cabs available around you, contact the specific taxi. You can mark your destination on the app, so that you won't have to lose any time by giving directions. Through the app, you can follow your taxi on the map, and pay through credit card. If you have a Debit Card from a Turkish Bank, you can make payments through them as well. At the end of your trip, you can also rate the driver and your trip, and recommend the driver to your friends and family. This app only operates in Istanbul and Ankara at the moment.

Moovit: This app is a lifesaver for anyone who wishes to use public transit. You can enter your destination and the app will give you the perfect route with the schedule of any public transit that you can take to your destination. Moovit allows you to save multiple public transit routes so if there is a frequent bus or subway you take, you will never lose their next or last working hours. Moovit supports all major cities in the country (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir), as well as many other smaller ones, such as Antalya, Adana, Çanakkale, Muğla, Trabzon, and Aydın.

EGO Cepte: The capital city of Turkey, Ankara, has its own bus app where you can receive routes directly from the municipality itself. You can favorite your routes and stops for later, search for a stop or the bus, and see the schedule of every operating bus in the city. The app will also give you a list of Points of Interests with the closest bus routes, so you do not have to do thorough research on your next adventure.

IBB CepTrafik; Made by the Istanbul Municipality, this app will offer real-time traffic information for the city. You can see which routes have construction on them, find car parks worked by the municipality, and watch the roads through the city's webcams.

Başkent Mobil; Ankara Municipality has released an app that will help you with everything in the city. You can find the free wifi locations around the city, as well as find pharmacies. The app will also offer you a city guide. If you bought an ANKARAKART for your public transportation usage, you will be able to see its remaining balance on the app.

Izmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi; Same as Ankara Municipality's application, this software on your smartphone will offer you a full guide for the city. There is a complete schedule of all the boats operating in the city, as well as all the pharmacies in Izmir.

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