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Tourism and Investment Opportunities in the Black Sea Region of Turkey

For many who are looking for homeownership in Turkey, the warm beaches of the Mediterranean coastline or the crowded city of Istanbul is the perfect place. However, if you are looking to invest in a location one with nature, the Black Sea region is the perfect choice for a true Turkish lifestyle. This area of dense greens and a cooler coastal province is often the first choice for any investor who is looking for an escape from the city rush. One of the seven regions of Turkey, the Black Sea is home to a rich and varied history, areas of fascinating ancient architecture hidden in nature between mountain landscapes and small towns. While the summers on the coast can be warm and humid, the winters are cool and damp, also attracting snowfall between December and March, which has allowed for a popular skiing attraction in the Kaçkar Mountains.

The ancient Greeks settled in the region around 1000 BC. Between the seventh and fourth centuries BC, the population immigrating from the Aegean coasts founded numerous settlements and these became the ancestors of virtually every modern Black Sea town. Many of the commercial movements of the civilizations since then centered on the Black Sea.


Investment opportunities of the Region

The circumstances in the region are a pioneer of foreign demand for Turkish markets, which is witnessing a large influx of international businesses because of the stability and safety available. The Black Sea's horizon is dominated by the beautiful Kaçkar Mountains which run east to west, close to the southern coast of the Black Sea. The area has a damp oceanic climate which has made commercial farming hugely profitable in the region, particularly between Zonguldak in the west, to Rize in the east. These provinces are known for their hazelnut and tea farms. 

Experts note that the opening of the Ordu-Giresun airport in 2015 has positively affected the tourism sector and investments in the region in general, especially after the start of Turkish Airlines' direct flights between the cities of the region and the Arab countries.

Economists attributed the real estate sector to the Turkish government facilities for investors, as well as the rapidly evolving infrastructure in the Black Sea region. 

Places to See in the Black Sea Region

Kaçkar Mountains

Kackar Mountains are a mountain range located along the Black Sea coast. The highest peak of the Kackar Mountains is 3,937 meters in height. The area became a national park back in 1994 and has numerous lakes as well. Kackar Mountains are suitable for activities such as camping, hiking, heli-skiing as well as mountaineering. Kackar Mountains are also one of the best in Turkey when it comes to trekking however since they have glaciers and are cold, crampons and ice axes are recommended. 


Safranbolu is an ancient city that has been home to different civilizations throughout history, such as the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman Empires. The name of the city comes from saffron that is native to it. It is mostly used as a spice which gives a distinct color and is very expensive. Safranbolu is famous for its houses which are the traditional Turkish houses in terms of their architecture during the 18th and 19th centuries. Safranbolu was added to the World Heritage list of UNESCO in 2012.

Hattusha, Çorum

Hattusha is located in today’s Turkey, in the city of Corum and it was once the capital of the Hittite Empire. The area is thought to be first inhibited in the 6th century BC however, inhabitants started a permanent settlement in the 3rd century BC. There are many temples and palaces found in the site such as the Yazılıkaya Temple, an open-air temple which is seen as the most important one among all. Lion heads at one of the entrances of this temple seem to be the protectors from the demons. There are also many depictions of gods found inside the temple as well as niches used for gifts and urns. Hattusha was added to the World Heritage list of UNESCO back in 1986. Today, it functions as an open-air museum for visitors to learn about the history of the Hittite Empire.


Uzungöl, Trabzon

Uzungol, which means “long lake” in Turkish, is a lake that was formed after a landslide and it is located in Trabzon. The lake and the village, as well as the mountain forests surrounding the lake, creates a beautiful view and it is known for resembling Switzerland due to its calm look and natural beauty for many tourists who have visited the site. Many hotels, shops, and restaurants have been opened as the area became a popular tourist attraction. 

Uzungöl is 1100 meters above sea level and its water is sweet. There are no written records about the lake and people living around it until 1643 but geological evidence suggests that Uzungöl was formed approximately six centuries ago in the event of a landslide. In 1643, Uzungöl and its surrounding area were home to 26 families according to Ottoman tax records. Today, Uzungöl is a well-preserved tourism attraction with its amazing lake, cultural atmosphere, trekking routes, bird-watching spots, botanical tours, and thrilling outdoor activities.

King Rock Tombs, Amasya

On the skirt of Mount Harsena, King Rock Tombs, that are formed out of limestone found on the grounds, are located. This ancient site dates back to the Kingdom of Pontus between 333 and 25 BC. The burial of the kings in a special place was an important issue in the Kingdom of Pontus. Thus, they buried their kings into the holes that they carved on these rocks. Also during the era of the Byzantine Empire, the site was used as a prison for the criminals. 

sumela monastrı

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery dates back to 368 AD and was built by two Athenian priests. It is a Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary with the famous fresco depictions of the Virgin Mary and the Last Judgement found within. Sumela Monastery is known to be one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the world. Nowadays the monastery is mainly functioning as a site of tourist attraction.

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